Sunday, December 07, 2008

Morbid tales from a local canyon

I've been meaning to post these but never got around to it. I took a hike up a canyon about four miles north of where I live. A service road to a radar station travels above the trail. This road is open to the public. It has many "Dead Man" points and the carnage is usually accessible from the trail. There are a few old wrecks, like a '36 Ford that are cool to check out.

When I hiked this day I bushwhacked my way to one of the more recent wrecks, a white Jeep Cherokee. A lot of the accidents involve kids drinking up the canyon, and then attempting to navigate their way down, they fly off the road and fall 900ft to their gruesome deaths. This particular Jeep was driving down the canyon with three guys and they kept driving straight because they didn't see the sharp turn (I know the details because I know the rescue guys in this town.) When the Jeep went tumbling down it threw one of the passengers out. The other two perished inside the Jeep. The one that got thrown out crawled up the steep canyon wall to the road where he was near death. A passing vehicle spotted the bloodied and broken pulp of a man laying in the dirt, picked him up, and got him down the canyon to medical help. He survived. One of the guys who died had his head crushed and his brains were found all over the rear gate of the Jeep. Yum!

I got to this wreck site on Thanksgiving. There had been some scavenging--catalytic converters and so forth--but most of the vehicle is still there, albeit highly messed up. I thought of crawling inside of it, but as I was about to I was overcome with an extreme case of the heebee geebees. So, I just took a dump by it instead. That's respect. I've got pictures on my brother's camera--of the wreck, not the dump. I'll see if I can get them from him.

I'll include more stories from this canyon in later posts. Most of our town's unnatural deaths occur in this canyon. It's kind of a local pastime around here to find out who's body or bodies are being pulled out of there. We're just a bunch of sick yokels.


The Grunt said...

You're a sick mother, you know that?
You've just lost a reader, Grunt.

I'll still write the sick posts for you, though.

Jay said...

Here's hoping that dump you took wasn't as dark and bloody as this post.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I was gonna leave a comment, but that Grunt guy stole my thought.

Oh well...gruesome, morbid things also suck me in. I just can't help myself.

Christielli said...

I usually turn away from morbid things. I'm sensitive like that.

The Grunt said...

Jay~ It was the type of bowel movement that burned, if that gives you any idea. It came outta nowhere and it made me swear off of Slim Jims forever.

O-Girl~ Yeah, I figured that for a girl that likes to hang out in cemeteries that you'd like this post.

Christielli~ It's ok to be sensitive like that:)

NYD said...

This is just the story you need to do for your first TV show.

Jay's comment has me busting a gut!!!!

Julie Schuler said...

Indeed. Bend over, I'll drive.

Keshi said...

is this for real?? :)


The Grunt said...

NYD~ I'd like to do just this kind of story. I'd probably have to avoid more recent tragedies, though.

Julie~ Sure! Where we going?

Keshi~ Yes, this really did happen.

Tys on Ice said...

you r a regular psycho...

well cant judge u too much...have been guilty of similar trespassses in the graveyards near our school..