Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today stuff and things...whatever

So, I went in for my PET scan today (Tuesday) and it went like it should. The only thing that I'm worried about was that I had fallen asleep while I was strapped onto the table during scanning and I woke up with, well, morning wood. I've been wondering if that will show up on the scan. If it does, will my two women oncologists wonder about it? I mean, I find the whir of medical equipment to be highly erotic. Don't judge me.

While I was waiting for the scan to get over (metabolizing the radioactive glucose takes about 80 min and the scan takes about 40 min) I came up with a revolutionary idea: arm rests that strap onto your belt--you know, for when your arms get tired or need support. Hell, I even thought of adding a cup holder. I think this idea will catch on. Patent pending, bustas!

I am trying real hard to come up with my own street talk--bust a cap, etc. So, I figure that one could say something like, "I need to bust a shit" or "I'm gonna get my shit on (off)". Or, how about this one, "I needs to catch a turtle in a bear trap, y'all". You can all officially call me G-Runt from now on.

I blame all of this wackiness on lacquer fumes. I've finally got around to working on my guitar project. I'm calling it the "No" Nocaster. A little history lesson is coming. Are you ready? When Fender brought out the Esquire and Broadcaster series of guitars in 1949, they had a problem: Gretsch already had a line of drums with the registered name of "Broadkaster" and Fender had to pull their name "Broadcaster" off of their guitars in order to dodge legal action. There was a period of time between 1950-'51 where there was only "Fender" on the headstock of the dual pickup solid body guitars, hence, the unofficial tag "Nocaster" was given to these guitars by people who sought them out. Eventually, the name "Telecaster" was chosen, as Leo Fender wanted a futuristic name attatched to his guitar model (Tele=television). So, my guitar project will follow the Nocaster spirit, only one step further. The bridge plate and neck are Fender licensed parts, but the rest is aftermarket or made, so it really isn't a Fender at all. It is my guitar, not Fender's. So, it is the "No" Nocaster. There will be no logo on the headstock. I think it will be better this way. Ayways, I'm done with the sand-sealer and will be moving on to the color coats soon. I will post pictures when it starts looking like something.

Goodnight and goodmorning!


Scott said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Jay said...

I too look forward to pictures. Of the turtle in the bear trap, that is.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about guitars, but I still like the idea about the Full House cast. But whatever.

And I'm picking up what you're throwing down. And I'm gonna get the shit outta my shit off.

Christielli said...

Yo G-Runt! What's up dawg?

There was an exhibit on the history of guitars at the Experience Music Project in Seattle last year that I thought was cool, and I suspect you'd really dig it too.

The Grunt said...

Scott~ I did the color coats today and I'm going to let it cure until Saturday, wet sand it, then shoot the clear. After that will be more wet sanding and polishing. This old school shit is time consuming!

Jay~ I am looking forward to figuring out what in the hell gives me these ideas.

Meggypoo~ The "Full Housecaster" will have to wait. Sorry.

Christielli~ Ain't but a thang, C-elli! I would love to see something like that. They would probably have to taze me from getting too close to the exhibits.

Keshi said...

I wanna see em too Grunty!


Keshi said...

** I find the whir of medical equipment to be highly erotic.

hahaha u got a streak of Keshi when it comes to that!