Sunday, September 07, 2008

A quick weekend wrap up

How all yous doin', eh? My weekend was rather low key, but I was pretty tired from the week I had. I felt like I was granted some kind of clemency. It's humbled me a great deal.

Friday, A bunch of the departments at work threw me a surprise party. I used many of the helium balloons to leave hi-larious voice mails to various "lucky" individuals. Feel special if one of them was you. You should've heard me sing "Moon River". I was like a young Andy Williams with his nuts kicked in. Anyway, I tons of hugs from various ladies. I come from a family that is hug retarded, well, the men in the family. The women in my family let me join "Club Normal Fambily" after they figured that I was cool, so I get hugs from them too. I likes me some hugs! Seriously, I think the guys in my family have some kind of rare Rainman disease, but where they can't count shit, yet are still really spastic and don't like to be touched.

My guitar project didn't turn out like I expected. I was trying for a butterscotch blond color that was translucent so the grain would pop, but instead I went too opaque. It is still a great color, though. Over time the grain might pop through as lacquer has a tendency to shrink and fade. Polyurethane won't do that. Poly is great for protecting, but it is a tone killer because it dampens the resonance of the wood. Lacquer is a bitch to work with and it checks easily, but it lets the wood do it's thing, musically. I'm learning a lot, though. I am thinking of doing another guitar after this one and selling my Strat. We'll see how this one goes, first. Hey, at least it isn't meth or hookers.

I've got a lot of people thinking that since I'm now in remission that I should shape up and fly right--get married and stop tossing off like the selfish bachelor that I am. Whatever. I have my head firmly on my shoulders. I mean, you join one death cult and people just won't let you forget it.

I am not the only one in my family that is going in for surgery this week. My sister had a botched breast reconstruction and has to go in on Friday to get that fixed. I told her that we could be drug buddies. I've always wanted one of those. In fact, "My Drug Buddy" is one of my favorite songs by The Lemonheads. Enjoy!

Isn't Evan Dando pretty? I wish I could have looks like that. Anyway, I responded to all of your comments on my last post, the "remission" post. If you didn't comment on that or read it, I thought that we were friends. Why you being stuck up?


Keshi said...

hehehehe @drug buddies.

so r ya serious abt Marriage? :)


Anonymous said...

i think hugs should be mandatory - they do wonders for the giver and the receiver :) i'm jealous of your guitar abilities. i've tried to play, but i can't get my brain to accept the fact that the same note can be located in so many different places. too many years of playing the piano, i think! leigh

Jay said...

Shape up and fly right, maybe, but only if that flying is around the world. Only after laying with a woman from every continent (yes, even the cold one) should you allow yourself some domesticity.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

It's good to be a member of the normal fambily club and get hugs!Even better to be drug buddies with a fambily member! :D

Christielli said...

Hope both your surgery, and your sister's, go really well.

Thanks for the compliment from the previous post, dude.

Also, I went to the mall today during my prep period (to buy stuff for a lab) and I saw a Tap Out Tshirt!!! I didn't think they had them here!

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Well, I think now I actually desire marriage as opposed to before as seeing it as something I'd just end up doing when I got old. I am not rushing out to get married, though. But I am not going to be a fool and let a good one get away now.

Leigh~ Hugs heal, end of story. I played piano when I was young but now my guitar playing makes it hard for me to do that. Funny.

Jay~ Are you referring to an Eskimo pie?

O-Girl~ Yeah, I'm thinking that my sister will be the one with the better drugs. Maybe I can take some of hers.

Christielli~ Thanks! As for the compliment, de nada. I only state the facts, ma'am;) Tap Out has invaded Toronto!!! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hehehehehe!

Bonus points to me for using so many awesome exclamation points.

Wayne said...

Matt, your remission post was incredible. There was something so poetic about calling you after the fact and finding out you were celebrating solo at Red Iguana. Something about, "I've gone through 15 months of Hell and now I'm gonna treat myself dammit!" was just too cool.

Anyway, you need to find a way to integrate your port-o-cath thingy into the no-no caster. Maybe on the headstock? Can it also function as a push/pull volume knob? A rectifier for your tweed deluxe amp?

I got me some gibson style knobs for my ESP, looks much better now..

NYD said...

On one hand you are thinking about marriage and on the other you are sporting the idea of getting a bike.

The two often are incompatible my friend.
Yet I can tell you this: I have never had an argument with my bike.

The Grunt said...

Wayne~ I can't wait to jam now.

NYD~ Well, I can't see myself getting married in the next year. Then again, what do I know? I never saw myself going through what I just went through.

Chandra said...

Maybe it's just that the American women can't appreciate a good man when they seem them???

Just a thought. OR move to Anaconda. Or Billings. They like Canadians and after all, that's the most important thing EVER.