Friday, September 19, 2008

TIGF!!! Rehashing old catchphrases from TV to pick up the ladies.

I was at Carl's Jr. today treating myself to some circular cow meat. I like the #6 combo, btw. Because Carl's Jr. has the best playland a lot of mothers like to have lunch together there and bring their kids. So, in short, MILF city. There were two guys, probably both either 19 or 20, shouting all sorts of stupidity at these mothers as well as any other girls in order to prove that they like the feline. One guy in particular was annoying. He kept talking out loud to whoever that he was born an asshole and couldn't help it. I couldn't help to notice that no one cared, nor did they even ask the guy to talk about it in the first place. Then he breaks into the lamest Little John-by-way-of-Dave Chappelle impersonation ever. Hasn't that show been off the air for like three years, or something? That's like shouting "Who let the dogs out" without the irony. The best is when he went up to a 17-year-old girl (I know because she told the guy how old she was after he asked her) and said to her, "I'll see you in a year, little lady. Oh yeah!" He sounded just like Duff Man, if Duff Man had no penis and was a retarded grease monkey. Fast times at the choke and puke, I guess.

Changing subjects, I am a firm believer in something called "random acts of WTF?" Case in point, I drew this on somebody's conference room white board today at work.
Yeah, it says "Sexy Hobo Clown" on there and I drew a vampire that resembles Eugene Levy. That's the point. WTF??? I want there to be somebody very important to walk in this conference room and say out loud, "WTF??!" I want them to spend the rest of their working day trying to figure out what exactly a sexy hobo clown is and what that has to do with a Jewish vampire. I forgot to add a bit of yiddish vampire speak, but then that might actually make sense. Anyway, I recommend that you try something similar at your place of employment.

Guess who I hung out with tonight? I'll give you a clue. She likes the outdoors.
Yes, our very own Outdoorsy Girl was up in my neck of the woods all the way from Atlanta attending her best friend's wedding. Here she is showing off her awesome new camera to me at a Denny's--a classy establishment. She is the official wedding photographer. She took a picture of me that ended up looking like Popeye, my personal hero. Pretty awesome. It was cool to get a rare treat in hanging out for a few hours with one of my fellow Gruntonians.

Have a weekend!


Julie Schuler said...

Yay for O. Girl and her wedding gig. I have a wedding photographer friend, too. I think that's a very smart line of business to be in. So wait, she's smart and pretty? The nerve of some people.
Also a yay for Denny's and diners in general. Great places for people watching.

NYD said...

People leave sh*t on my whiteboard alla time. It makes me nuts!!!

Now I know who's responsible.

Cool to see that the two of you got together again.

What, No shots of you guys together?

Go take a hike!

Wayne said...

Darth Vader walking down the street with a white bunny rabbit on a leash in one hand and a plate of pancakes in the other hand, while shouting out "where did Bob go??!!"

Ulitmate Random WTF moment.

Jay said...

I have little faith in a future generation that can't even get some play at Carl Jr.'s...

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome you've met some of your blogging friends. What a great way to expand your horizons. leigh

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Well, I hope she reads your comment:) O-girl is good people. I'm just happy that people find me to be even better in person.

NYD~ I'm busted! Well, O-girl was trying to set up her new camera to do a shot but it was being difficult. So, there is a shot of me looking like a piece of gum on the heel of a boot because I had just got off from a very long day of work. I am going to go for a hike this Sunday because my incision has finally healed up.

Wayne~ That's more like it. Now you are required to draw such a scene on a white board at your work for all to be mystified.

Jay~ I know, and they were even hanging out by the soda fountains.

Leigh~ It is great. I am a bit nervous and shy by nature, believe it or not. I'm looking forward to meeting more of my blogging friends.

Christielli said...

WTF text messages are the best. I got one the other night from a pal that just said "grape nuts". Hence, I texted another pal "grape nuts" in return.

But I love the Eugene Levy-vampire.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Guess what I learned to do with the camera? Yep, how to work the self timer! Next time we will HAVE to do self portrait time. :)Oh and the wedding pics are beautiful! I am so proud! :D

Anyway, it was great to see you.

And Julie Schuler is my new hero. :)

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Oh, you would be treated to really annoying and silly texts from me if you lived in the U.S.

O-Girl~ I'm glad you succeeded in doing the wedding gig as well as enjoyed schlepping your friend around, showing her what the west is about. Moose!