Monday, July 28, 2008

Oot and aboot, ay

Um, the spot that I'm referring to in the video is what most people don't know about, not that Ted Bundy killed in the state I live in (and one in the area).

So, today (Sunday) I went for my usual hike, trying to push myself a bit more than the last one. I decided to take a hike up to an area called "Hell's Hole". Not many people know the particular spot, or that there is such a place. It's a waterfall that has sheer rock cliffs around it, as well as it being totally overgrown with brush and trees. You have to know where to drop in or else you could fall and kill yourself. It has been over ten years since I was up there last. Since then, someone has placed ropes in certain spots to help with the climb in and out of there. That made things nice.

Most of the areas that my buddies and I would hang out at, like doobage cave, have been obscured by plant life. I tried to find a tree at the top of the waterfall that I carved "M@tt + Jennifer" on and found the piece of earth that the quakie was growing from was severely undercut by the creek. I didn't want to risk it and so I have no idea if my little Jr. High crush memento ever survived the test of time.

I tripped into a sticker bush. That's how I roll, yo. I spent a half hour taking off articles of clothing and de-burring them. I now have proof that there is such a thing as karma, because right before that happened I called a bird a "li'l f*cker" because it was giving me shit. Well, it was defending this damn log and flapping it's wings in a threatening manner. It wouldn't stop giving me the evil eye, either.

The thing that was cool, and uncool, about this hike was that a new trail system has been developed in this area, linking the old trail segments and eliminating a ton of bushwhacking in the process. I saw a fork on the way up and thought that the trail did a loop, connecting two valleys up in the mountains. On my way down I took another old trail that I knew would take me to the other valley, thinking that the new trail looped. It didn't. It was about 8PM when I had this moment of "genius". It was dark in the forest and big animals starting effing with my brain. Yeah, I'm like way smart because I hike alone. I can talk like that because I am officially now a blond. We do have more fun, though.

It was at that point that I checked to see if my phone was getting bars in that area. It was, but not too strong a signal. I called one buddy up real quick and had a broken up conversation about guitars for about five minutes and then he had to go. It was then, as I was finding myself lost in the forest that a wood nymph flew up to my shoulder and whispered me to me, helping me as I found my way out. I know it sounds unreal, but it really happened. I swear that I did not smoke anything at doobage cave...maybe some moss, but that's beside the point. I did get thrown off course quite a ways, but I eventually made my way back to Clyde. Thank you, my little wood nymph. I will have to do something in return for your help. Know of any lawns that need fertilizing?

BTW, check out the view I had this evening...


NYD said...

Like the new look. glad there are dice and not truck nutz hangin from your rear view mirror.

I think that evey trail with a waterfall has a devi's hole. We have one in the Bear Mountain area in NY and it sounds exactly like yours.
I loved hiking those trails when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

Ok dude, we are doing that hike. i wanna catch me a wood-nymph. Yeah, you know who this is. Don't play stupid, our I'll whack ya with the head of a dead pig.

-Der Mortcleif

Julie Schuler said...

I love the waterfall! I used to love to go hiking and exploring, but it only took going one time with a two year old on my back to cure me of that. Man, it doesn't seem like a lot of extra weight, but trying to scrabble up a steep hill- ow! my legs really hurt for about a week.

You should draw a picture of your wood nymph so we can see it.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... Ham sandwich. I've done things to a ham and swiss that would turn Ted B.'s stomach.

A wood nymph eh? All I have is a lumbering wood elf, but I still like him. Hell, I'd even like him if he were Canadian, and that's saying a lot.

Glad that you had an eventful hike, and that you made it out alive. I would hate to lose you to a family of hungry grizzly bears. You know, cuz they are so common in Utah.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

You have been on better hikes than me lately! I am jealous. Pretty waterfall, too.

From one blond to another, I see nothing wrong with hiking alone. I do it all the time.

Your wood nymph made me laugh!

The Grunt said...

NYD~ I can't stand those truck nuts. One of these days I'm going to buy a huge dildo and glue it to one of my neighbor's trucks balls and see how well that goes over.

Der Mortcleif~ It's been awhile since the war crimes tribunal, but I couldn't ever forget you.

Julie~ My wood nymph is very pretty. A drawing would be nice.

Meggypoo~ Well, if I were hiking in American Fork canyon I could have been eaten by a bear. So, tell me more about this Canadian wood elf that you have. I bet he has genital warts, AIDS, herpes, Hantravirus, and a bad case of front butt;)

O-Girl~ When you hike alone do you ever just strip down totally naked and make wild man noises? Um, yeah, me neither.

Jules said...

Hey sweet stuff - you're looking amazing these days! I love seeing your little video clips!!

I'll confess. I have paid off a whole troop of wood nymphs to protect you on your little self excursions. They hover, they jump from tree to tree, they even tunnel underground, so if you ever feel the ground's moving, fear not, it's just the wood nymphs!