Sunday, January 09, 2011

Something that I wrote in a notebook tonight

I decided to try writing in a notebook before taking it to post on here. I was hoping that returning back to pen and paper that something different would some of it. I just needed to.

"A Real Humanitarian"

Thank God I'm an acrobat
a Democrat
an aristocrat
A closet Republican.

No need for an apology
this is me
what you see
is what I be
but inside I'm not.

Anyone with half a mind would know
that the seeds I sow will grow
from my lies
but your eyes
tell me everything that I say

The Bible truth.

Thank you God, I'm fine with that
cool as cats
happy and fat
from me springs forth laughter.

I can't believe that I get away
with this charade
while the time of day
keeps the children busy and blind.

~T.S. Grunt


J. Kwiatkowski said...


Christielli said...

Wow! Poetry! I believe this is a first! Well done!

jason said...

Interesting poem. There's a levity to it with the rhyme scheme and word choice, but I sensed an undercurrent of seriousness and depth while I was reading it too. I don't know if you were going for either or.

A break from typing is good sometimes.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Lol!

Christielli~ Yeah, I know. I am not usually writing full-on poetry, so yeah. Thank you.

Jason~ Haha! Interesting indeed. I think what you have here is my sense of humor concealing my anger and cynicism. Also, I always think in terms of "can I sing it?". So, in my mind, it could be part of a musical satire. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm a big fan of Ray Davies. So, there's that influence.