Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's up to you, Gruntonians, to determine who will win in the TIGF Battle Royale: Fops vs. Dandies vs. Macoronis!!!

First up: The Fops! This fastidious soul aspires to aristocracy but gets hung up along the way by his obsession with all things fancy. Always hilarious is the Fop's affected manner, while a bit more restrained than the Macaroni, it still screams "Hello Sailor!" The Fops' secret weapon is ambition to get to the top at all costs.

Second: The Dandies! The Dandies are a bit more sophisticated and masculine to that of the Fop or Macaroni and much less deranged, not to mention their place in literature, ahem, Oscar Wilde y'all. But there are still odd trappings that a dandy will get himself into--olde time contests of physical prowess and Balloon races around the world and shit. Surely, they are at an advantage with their more streamlined fashions and top hats, what with all that weapons storage space.

Last, but not least: The Macaronis! The Macaronis are by far the most hedonistic of all TIGF creatures. Sort of like a glammed up Greek philosophers, but without the drag coefficient of hi IQs, the Macaronis will out eat, out drink, and out gay you to death. Beware of the outrageousness.

So, who will it be? How will this fight go? You decide!


Julie Schuler said...

Dandies. Of course.

Anonymous said...

yep...dandies. leigh

Christielli said...

I say Macaronis. From the picture, they try the hardest.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Dandies seem to be the original metrosexuals.

Leigh~ What is it about them that makes you say so?

Christielli~ I like your reason behind your answer. I agree, they do try hard. I especially like the little hat on top of their wigs and their use of spy glasses.

Anonymous said...

i like a man that can wear a top hat well...and who wears his own hair :) leigh

Tys on Ice said...

macaroni wins hands down..

The Grunt said...

Leigh~ I finally have my own hair back. I just need to get a darn top hat now.

Tys~ I can dig it.

Anonymous said...

you rock even without your own hair :) leigh