Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rotwang makes a robot

That's what my title would have been for the old Fritz Lang silent film Metropolis. I watched that film tonight and just loved the evil inventor's name. I guess syphilis was fairly prevalent back then.

I also thought of Nietzsche a bit today and came up with the foil to the ├╝bermensch: the g├╝bermensch. I think it comes from knowing a guy that "invented" taping two lengths of PVC pipe together that give me such ideas.

It's been awhile since I saw one of my sisters. On Saturday I dropped off a TV set to her apartment and was amazed. I thought she was somebody else. She has really been working out a lot lately. She has always been beautiful. Now she is smokin'. If she already didn't have a serious boyfriend I would be out picking fights with would be suitors. She is proof that hitting your forties does not mean having to look like your parents did at that age.

I finally got the wiring done on the remodel guitar project of mine (Strat). I had to come up with my own schematic to make all the mods work, so it took a long time. Now I can finish the guitar build (Telecaster) that I was bragging about during the summer. Sometimes the way I work frustrates people because I will start one project only to start three others and not finish the first one until last. I have figured out that the first project is what I need to motivate me to create and usually will not get completed until it has served me--to get other things accomplished. What I have also learned is that building a guitar does not save you any money, but you get to build it your way.

I have dug up my old 286 computer that runs a DOS operating system. I want to get all of my old school projects and papers off of that computer, as well as some personal writing projects of mine. I have found that the only DOS that I remember is how to shut the computer down. This has been really frustrating as well as a little embarrasing that I still have this ancient device. I might as well be telling you stories of my UNIVAC and punch cards. At least I didn't say that it was a Commodore 64.

Rotwang, heh.


Julie Schuler said...

I understand the multiple projects thing, too well.

Diane Mandy said...

WHat a nice thing to say about your sister!

Anonymous said...

I agree - a wonderful thing to say about your sister. I'll bet she feels a ton better about herself too. leigh

Christielli said...

I usually have a tonne of projects on the go too. And I'm bad about not finishing them all.

You are a good brother. :)

Sun Follower said...

Um... are floppy discs involved?

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I am glad that you feel my pain.

Diane~ My sister is awesome.

Leigh~ She has really taken charge of her life.

Christielli~ Is that a metric tonne?

Sun~ Yes, and I feel so retro now.