Sunday, August 07, 2011

Met one of my bloggies this week

Christielli came and visited the wonderful land of OZ and explored all that it had to offer the world in just several days; two main things being, of course, mammoth ice cream portions, and lots of dry land. The other thing would be a strange group of people known as Mormons, or God's own "white and delightsome" sons and daughters (sort of like a Paul Newman salad dressing). I know this to be true because of a strange feeling I get when I'm around a white and delightsome woman. It is the spirit testifying to me that the chosen vessel is truly delicious to the taste--in Mormon scripture, Lehi's Dream tells one to hold to the "Iron Rod" in order to best taste of these fruits. Women have testified the same of men, but it is forbidden to have this confirmation of, say, men and men, and women and women, except in times of sexual famine (prison, mission, scout camp). Yeah, this has nothing to do with the post. Please, keep reading.

So, yeah, my job was to show Christielli and friend behind the Mormon Curtain. The oddities, warts and all, as well as the good things too. It was something that was hard to do, given walking distances and time constraints. And I'll be honest with you people: In real life I am not a small, red guy who swears all the time and cracks wise at the drop of a hat. I also do not speak or read Mandarin Chinese (please stop sending me emails, Yuqi). Thankfully, Christielli knew these things before hand and has a firm grip on reality, so meeting her was not awkward in the least. Her friend was very nice, too. So, I did show them around Temple Square and just a slice of downtown SLC. The whole time I was thinking in the back of my head that I really did not know what in the hell I was going to do next, where to go, or if they were getting bored.

If you need to know one thing about me is that I deal with my anxieties by not planning, versus over planning. So, the plan, as far as I was concerned, was to point at stuff and say things. It worked; I think--kind of like that kid from "Jerry Maguire" going on about the weight of a human head and how dogs and bees smell fear. Now if only I could earn a living that way, I'd be set.

So the tour went by and once that was done, the one thing you can do in this town to curb boredom is to eat. So my idea was to pick the noisiest restaurant (Blue Iguana), with the most people inside, that way you get to yell "what" and "huh" a lot. Yeah, the "Outdoor Retailers" convention was in town. When having to deal with loud crowds of people in a restaurant, all that matters to me is "food goes in here" *points into mouth*. The food was good. We left the place and then we said our good byes. I went back to Gruntonia and they have since gone to NYC and all that is "Mo"town is now a faint, disturbing memory to them (I kid).

What was Christielli like? Well, I make no commentary on my guests because they were awesome and there's no arguing about it. If you want to know what Christielli is like, go and read her blog and become a fan yourself!

The people that I have met from Blogland have been great. I am not always enthusiastic about meeting new people. So, if I agree to come out of my shell and hang out, it means that I think you are one of the good ones. This is not to say that if I haven't met you yet that I think you are lame. It just means that we haven't met yet.

The best part about this post is that it is more than just a plain mentioning of said event. This makes my post creepy! I aim to please. Toodles!


Christielli said...

It was super fun meeting you too! The tour of Temple Square was great and we both enjoyed it! I'm glad that my crazy life actually brought me to Utah (of all places). I liked the noisy loud restaurant too... It's the sign of a good place! Thanks again!

Jules said...

Sooo.. I'm not lame then? Or I am lame and you're trying not to hurt my feelings. Sigh.. how many times do I have to offer my house to you? ;P

How fantastic that you 3 had such a great time! She's right, the busy places are the most popular for a reason. Either a cute waiter works there, or it's good food.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ It was a good time and I am glad that circumstances brought you here. I guess if I ever find my way up to Toronto you can show me where Geddy Lee hangs out. I just wish that I could have shown you Gilgal Gardens.

Jules~ You are not lame. I look forward to the day that I do get to meet you. I figure it will happen. Why not, eh? Anyway, the Blue Iguana is owned by a member of the family who own and operate the excellent Red Iguana restaurants. It is a must if you are a Mexican food fan to eat at one of those places if in SLC. I met the comedian Lewis Black at the original Red Iguana once. It's funny, because he looks fat on TV and he really isn't fat at all IRL.