Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Here's something that happened to me last Friday. I was coming home from work and I pull into the duplex driveway, whereupon I am met by my neighbor's alcoholic son. He looked like he was in dire need of some help, so I rolled my window to see what could possibly be the matter. That's when he shoves something brown and wet into my mouth, shouting, "What's wrong, too much salt?" I got rather angry with the guy and asked him what in the hell he thought he was doing. He then accused me of giving him a dirty look and called me a son of a bitch. He then apologized and then asked, "Maybe it was too much vinegar." If you are still wondering what the brown thing was, it was a mushroom. Yes, my life is one long funland adventure ride.

Don't ask me how I managed to kill a rat with a lawn mower, but I did, and without knowing it. I tried to mow the lawn right before the sun went down. About halfway through it started getting dark and I had to rely on my spider senses to finish the job. I had my Ipod set on stun, so I could barely hear the mower. Well, I get out today to head out to work and look down on the lawn to see a big ol' rat laying on the lawn all chewed up. True and gruesome to boot.

Check out the latest incarnation of my Black guitar.
I had to ditch the Squire neck (shown below the guitar) because it just didn't fit my hand well enough and the back bow would never allow the setup of lighter gauge strings. I picked up the all maple neck that you see in the picture from a company that does Fender licensed replacement necks. While it did require full fret level, crown and dress, setup, and a nut install (hee-hee), it feels right and is super solid. Maple fret boards are brighter sounding, but are much faster in feel--slick. Plus, I like the plain headstock without any logos. I'm the same way with my t-shirts.

I'm having a retro crush on this lady lately:Of those who know a bit about Grace Slick know that she, unfortunately, went bat-shit crazy and turned into a scary old lady. But this is a retro crush, people. I personally like the original version of "Somebody To Love" from her first group, The Great! Society, a hair better than Jefferson Airplane's. They're both great, but the original had a slower tempo that had a bit more swing to it. It kind of reminds me of Shocking Blue's song "Venus"--the one that was covered by Bananarama.

Who do you have a retro crush on?


Megan said...

I shall pray for the rat. That is truly sad (I once cried for an hour after I accidently mowed a snake :( ).

She's hot and a worthy retro crush.

Christielli said...

That run-in with you neighbour sounds crazy.

Hmmm, retro-crush? I have to think about that one.

rawbean said...

Yea that neighbour run-in is quite the story - that would completely freak me out!

Hmmm retro crush, there are definitely some 80's band boys that I could have a retro crush on!

vera said...

david gilmour circa 1972...
*pant pant pant*


Anonymous said...

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