Monday, May 17, 2010


I like birds. I had a set of parakeets (collect all twelve!) when I was young. There was something about them that I understood better than dogs or cats. Well, it seemed that they understood me more. Anything that can produce interesting songs and noises catches my interest.

On Sunday, I was in a parking lot sitting in my truck. The window was rolled down and I was checking out the view of the snow pack on the mountains. Then this finch flies up to my side view mirror and is checking me out. I really thought this was neat. It stayed there for about a minute and then flew over to my bed box and was checking me out from the rear window.

Today I was fixing sprinklers and had a pigeon as a companion for three hours. This little guy would walk right up to me and peck around. It would then fly away for a bit and return to me and hang out for a bit longer. This was the routine that the pigeon kept for that period of time.

I think I'm becoming Uncle Remus.


Julie Schuler said...

Start carrying crumbs and seeds. Train one to sit on your shoulder, then you can be like a pirate.

vera said...

you must smell like bird seed :P

i hate birds. like right now i can hear a few chirping outside my window and i wanna get all steel magnolias on them...

<3 v

Christielli said...

I like birds too! :)

Tys on Ice said...

or dr.doolittle.

Iam with Julie's advice. It wud be cool to have a parrot on the shoulder but just think of the shit stains on ur back

rawbean said...

Birds are so amazing. I mean, they FLY for crying out loud. That alone makes them the real deal. But yes they are such cool little creatures.

-jason- said...

i like watching birds move around on the ground using their legs. you've got some that hop around (sparrows), and others who walk (pigeons). the only birds i can honestly say i hate are new york city pigeons. those jerks will fly right at me, cause they think they're the boss of me.

Sun Follower said...

I'll be Br'er rabbit!

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I like that idea.

Vera~ Even turkeys?

Christielli~ You must not own a freshly washed car.

Tys~ That's why Scotch Guard was invented.

Rawbean~ Birds are the bees' afros.

Jason~ Yeah, I have to believe that the pigeons in New York have a bit more attitude than the rest.

Sun~ Finally, someone who gets me!

Jules said...

I love birds in a natural setting, but I don't think I'd like one as a pet. We had one as a kid, but i remember it being so messy. I love mimicking and whistling at them while I'm out on a walk though..