Friday, April 23, 2010

Just some shit

I once learned from a Cheech and Chong record that it might be possible to see God if you play Black Sabbath at 78 speed. Someone on Youtube was gracious to do something else with this old gem from Focus. I think it might summon the demon Santa Claus.

It's official! I am now a great uncle. But, I have come to this post unprepared. I have no pics to post. Anyhooter, his name is Corvin and is about the cutest little man I've ever seen. Details to come.

There was this coach that I had in junior high named Coach Downs. I feel bad that I don't remember his first name. I often wonder about this guy. What were his dreams outside of physical education? Did he ever want to be a famous writer, actor, politician, or, maybe, a singer? I can see him doing an album of Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Tony Orlando, and Andy Williams covers, simply titled, "A Touch of Downs". He would have his hopes dashed when people fail to understand the witty athletic word play in the title--most of the public assume that he is just mildly retarded. The cruel irony is that he unwittingly becomes a celebrity out of pity because of his "condition", then soon after exposed by Oprah to be an imposter and not a 6'11" singing retard. Yes, these are the inner thoughts of a genius.

I bid you toodles.


Julie Schuler said...

Congratulations, great uncle!

Christielli said...

Weren't you always a great uncle?

Cheesy, I know.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Thanks!

Christielli~ Lol! I do like cheese.

Logophile said...

toodles to you as well.
Oh, and the coach?
yah, he dreamed of being Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Jules said...

Ahhh, congratulations Grunty!! That's great news!!

Sun Follower said...

You're a great Great Uncle.