Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm all Mountain and no Dew.


Jay Ferris said...

As it should be.

Besides,the word dew makes me think of the word moist, which let's face it, nobody likes.

Christielli said...

Fact: that's the way it should be.

NYD said...

I'm all dew and she's all don't.

Logophile said...

I shall refrain now from any inappropriate innuendo, and I certainly hope you appreciate the effort that level of restraint requires.

I'm exhausted now.

The Grunt said...

Jay~ Yeah, isn't the dew what you have to shake off your lily anyway?

Christielli~ Glad you see it my way.

NYD~ Tell her to do the Dew and you'll be all Mountain together.

Logo~ You are such a disciplined girl.

Sun Follower said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best comment ever!