Monday, September 14, 2009

Creepy as hell, but I finally found it

I have been looking around SLC cemetery for some years for this legendary gravestone. I was beginning to believe that it was only an urban legend. I wonder what one has to have happen to them in order to warrant this kind of epitaph?
There's a few places in this cemetery that have epic levels of bad juju going on. My grandparents on my mom's side are buried in this cemetery. This is a pretty cool place to take a walk, especially around dusk on a Sunday, no less.

Btw, thanks for your kind support on my previous post. I will be taking a couple of days off this week to drive them and attend their hearing this week in Steamboat, Colorado. Hopefully, there won't need to be any time served, but it is very possible. Wish us luck.

Update: The hearing has been postponed till next week.


Jay Ferris said...

Back then all you had to do was show too much cleavage or sleep with a black dude for them to throw the Bible at you.

Still, not someplace I'd want to hang out at nighttime.

NYD said...

Play guitar.

But not in a cemetary after sunset...Dig where I'm coming from?

Christielli said...

I love cemeteries, and good work finding that very strange stone.

Hope all goes well and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Jules said...

Strange, that... never heard of the urban legend, but I'll trust you on it. Cemetaries are one of the most calm and peaceful places, I think. They can be very eerie and interesting. I've never been to one when it's dark, though.

Love your haircut... love love love it!

Good, scratch that... best of luck next week!!! xo

The Grunt said...

Jay~ Yeah, she was probably just one of those "uppity" women.

NYD~ I need to pick up the guitar again. I won't pick it up in the cemetery, though.

Christielli~ I am not easily creeped out by cemeteries, so I don't mind checking stuff like this out at all. Anyway, thanks for your well wishing:)

Jules~ Thanks for the compliment! I grew it all myself. As for the other thing, I think that things will work out for her.