Monday, August 03, 2009

Meesa Jus Wanna Sing!

Jar Jar Binks is teaming up with Randy Jackson and Danger Mouse to lay down an album's worth of slow jams and Calypso tunes. It's totally true because an angel of God visited me in my room three times in a row and told me to stop abusing my brain with drain cleaner, that the Celts are the primary ancestors of the indigenous peoples of New Guinea --and btw, Jar Jar Binks is making a comeback!

Some of the leaked song titles include:
  • "Oh, Annie Man Will Do! (Show Me Your Darkside)"
  • " It's Da BBI (Binks Bitches Inc.)"
  • "Say Da Mana Cuz I Don Have Time, Walter (WTF???)"
  • "Tally My Banana, Oh!"
  • "The Ballad of Qui-Gon Jinn (with Gordon Lightfoot)"
  • "My Sith in a Box"
  • "Yousa Mine. Meesa Yous"
  • "Obi, Don Cry"
  • "Meesa Jus' Wanna Sing!"


NYD said...

Meesa thinksa You really ought to a studio ansa makings the recordings of theesa tunza.

You might have to forgo 'ol Gordy boy.

rawbean said...

I didn't see the star wars prequels - the reason - Jar Jar...enough said.

Jules said...


Uhh... really, are you back on the late night tacos?

Jay Ferris said...

This was funny, but seeing that pic of Jar Jar makes me stabby.

Christielli said...

will jar jar finally win with this project?

just so you know, i ate a lot of baguette for you.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ It needs to happen, but I think I was meant for lesser things.

Rawbean~ Jar Jar and the little kid that played Anakin Skywalker were epic in their lameness.

Jules~ I wish!

Jay~ Precisely.

Christielli~ I appreciate your thinking of me:)