Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barely Barly

Therapist~The rapist.

Justice was served~Just ice was served.

And now...

Long John Silver stuck a coin up his ass and sang a song--a sea shanty--with a spider in his ear and a girl on his knee.

I don't have anymore. Lame.


Christielli said...

I can seriously not read the word therapist without thinking "I'll take the rapists for $100 Alex" in my head.

Hope you are well.

Megan said...

You should see what I do when a quarter is shoved up mine... it's pretty magical.

rawbean said...

I would like to see pictures of your place and also the inside of your brain.


NYD said...

LOL@Megan. Do you make change?

Just ice? Without the booze? Naw, man that ain't justice at all.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Same here, but minus Alex.

Megan~ Does your nose light up?

Rawbean~ My mind is picturesque. My place is not.

NYD~ You're too funny, man!

Jules said...

Umm... jeezz.. I sure do want to post a comment, but I'm a little bit lost on what to say to your very strange thinkings here... ;O)