Thursday, May 14, 2009

Different hair styles and the total lack thereof

If you never got to see me before chemo and radiation and during, go here. Anyhooter, I finally cut my hair for the first time since I lost it. I went from this, (about 14 months worth of growth)...

To this...This is about as "before and after" as you're gonna get--I even did the dark-light frowny face "before" shot and the sunny/smiley "after" mug. I liked the long hair, to a point. Having to work outside the majority of the time, it was getting tangled from the wind and soaked with sweat and attracting dirt. I was also starting to draw the ire of the oldies and not-so-oldies that are squares.

So, I decided to go to a local "McBarber" and free my scalp. I decided that I wanted to go short all the way around to prove to myself that I have healed emotionally--that being almost bald again would not bring back horrible memories and feelings. Anyway, when the lady started cutting my hair we started talking and I shared my story with her. When the cut was done (fast) I asked her for a bag so I could collect some of my hair. She happily obliged. So, after I got done being a creep and having to explain to people not to worry, that I have a restraining order pending on myself, from myself, I approached the register to pay and the stylist says, "This one is on me!" I got a free, freaking haircut!!! People are now confused when they see me, but this is due to the town's tainted water supply. I mean, a year is a long time to remember what someone looked like with short to almost no hair.

Golly gee wizard nuts! I like my new stubs!!!


Megan said...

Looks great! You're going to prove the whole Sampson crap wrong!

rawbean said...

Yes it does look good. I like the long hair too.

That is rad that you got a free haircut!

Christielli said...

I also like both the long and the short! That's so cool that you can pull off both. Not many ppl can.

You know, when you talk about the old fogies at work being dismayed at your hair, I picture the old man waving his cane at Homer when he grows hair after using Demoxadil and yelling "Get a haircut you hippy!" Or, I picture Burns telling Don Mattingly to shave those sideburns.

Oh, and speaking of baseball, are you aware that my team is first place in the AL East?

Queue_t said...

Oh so good - Either way grunty, I like the sunny after the best though.

I am glad you are over the bad times, and the people are really wonderful " a free haircut" freaking amazing!


Julie Schuler said...

Your haircut makes you look younger. And you can't beat free!

NYD said...

Two questions: Was the barber good looking? Did you ask her out?

Nothing in life is free, son. At the very least it's an opportunity to invest in an adventure.

P.S. You are pretty darned handsome. And I am not Ghey

Tys on Ice said...

man, you looked totally peaceful with the long hair and slightly mental with the stubs...especially with that wicked jack nicolson smile.... :)

way too cool, man.....rock on.

Jules said...

So what plans do you have with your cuttings? Are you going to divide and package them up into tiny little "here's a bit of me to keep with you" gifts for your friends at Christmas time?

What?! That's a *normal* thing to do, isn't it?

the haircut looks nice, Grunty. I like it better short!

NYD said...

Holy sheeet It's Jack Bauer. It takes you 24(x2) weeks just to grow the same amount of hair that Jack Bauer loses in a single day.

You are awesome.
You are Grunty.

The Grunt said...

Megan~ I hope so:)

Rawbean~ Thanks! My hair has changed since I lost it, so I'm trying different things with it.

Christielli~ I can even remove tough to open jam jar lids! Anyhoople, those are both great Simpson moments. Currently, I have Homer's inner thoughts' futile efforts to remind him of something important playing in my head, "(Lenny's voice)Dental Plan! (Marge's voice) Lisa needs braces!" Cool about your team!

QT~ I just had to do it.

Julie~ Younger is better.

NYD~ Handy and handsome! The lady is married, so, I think it was the mother in her that needed satisfying.

Tys~ I did feel a bit hippish with the locks. The deal was that I get fed up with hair in my eyes, so now I've got the "Full Metal Jacket" look going on.

Jules~ Are you saying that you want some of my hair? That's not creepy. It's only creepy if you clone me from that sample and make my clone do housework in hot pants.

NYD~ After the weekend that I just had, it is amazing that I have any hair left.

Anonymous said...

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