Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Birfday to me!

I am old.

Work=Stupid. I am happy to have a job, though.

I have a new mantra that I repeat to myself at work: You people make me sick.

I am good at making things that don't work.

If I were to have one super power I would want the power of super persuasion.

I think a duck is stalking me, maybe even trying to kill me. I was attacked by this duck when I was leaving a local Burger King. I think it is the same duck that I came across up in the mountains--a very odd place for a duck to be hanging out. I'm going to have one embarrassing obituary if things keep going this way.

Birfday. Yay!


Julie Schuler said...

Yay! Happy Birthday. My husband is a May baby, too. We just finished his cake. It said- 38! Now that's old.

BrettM said...

Happy birthday, cousin. Remember, as old as you get, I'm older and creakier.

Christielli said...

You're not old!

Sigh to work stupidity...

A stalking duck, huh? Could be a good premise for a movie!

Happy bday again!

Jules said...

Awww, happy birthday Grunty... sorry my wishes are late, but according to Facebook it was today.

Loads of love and best wishes, Birthday Boy!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine! I'll kick that duck's ass if you need it. It'll be my b-day present for you.

rawbean said...

haha hilarious re: the duck.

Happy Birthday!

NYD said...

Yo, Grunt.
I am late with the birthday well wishing, but that ought to be explained and forgiven when I get around to writing my next post.
Hope you had a groovy birthday bash and hope that you got some nice gifts as well as a excruciating charile horse from all the birthday punches- sucks getting old, doesn't it? LOL

Now about the duck....

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Did all those candles burn down the house?

Cuz~ Did I ever mention that you are my role model?

Christielli~ Thanks! I'm thinking that the Zodiac Killer was really a rouge mallard.

Jules~ You were right on time!

Megan~ You are my silent protector.

Rawbean~ I have had odd encounters with ducks throughout my lifetime, especially at a pond on the campus where I went to university. Ducks are the perfect marriage of funny and evil. It's no wonder Donald and Daffy are the way they are.

NYD~ Getting older isn't so bad as that there are people my age who look ancient. I don't get how some people seem to not care and think "old" 'till they become it. Not for me, brother!

Tys on Ice said...

happy belated birthday....i know, i know...wudnt have missed it if i looked in more often...what can i say? iam shameless...

how about 'duck out' on the obirtuary? Maybe Bill Kill.

vera said...

Sorry I missed your birthday!! *many hugs*
I do have an excuse, though. I was overseas in Berlin!
<3 ya,