Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bukowski probably said this

There are worse things than being alone.

Hank did say that. I don't think that he was the first to say it, but that certainly sounds like the dirty old man.

I would like to modify that statement thus: There are worse things than being alone, like being left alone with___________.

That is a blank that we all must fill. I would like to hear your answers. Mine is Dick Cheney or Richard Simmons.

BTW, I went into the wilderness on Saturday for a little adventure, climbed a slate covered hill, slipped, fell, and hurt my neck. It was nothing serious, but waking up this morning wasn't fun at all.


Tys on Ice said...

- being alone with my cousin when hes drunk...thats when he decides to relive every moment we have spend together from the time we were born...painful.

same pinch...last week i fell out of my sons loft bed...dont ask..i forgot that i was sleeping on a loft bed and stepped off the side in the night...

u take care while i put a cold pack on my shoulder

Julie Schuler said...

South of No North was the first book my infant son peed on when I brought him home from the hospital. It's his copy now.

Whatsa matter with Richard Simmons? Are you afraid of being loved and supported? Richard Simmons has worked tirelessly to help millions of people, and he still looks excellent in sparkle shorts.

As for me, I can't think of anyone. Maybe my mom's boyfriend? He's not bad, or anything, but he chainsmokes, and we don't have very much to talk about.

NYD said...

There are worse things than being alone, like being left alone with Marcel Marceau. We'd have abslutely nothing to talk about.

I also considered for, what to me seems like obvious reasons: Tiny Tim, Julia Roberts, William Archibald Spooner and the guy who tried to sell me the five in one kitchen tool yesterday.

Grunt, you are an amazing mix of esoterica and affable absurdia. Hope your neck feels better soon. Be careful when you are out there on your own. Don't take any silly chances, OK?

rawbean said...

oh yea Dick Cheney would be on my list too - what a doofus.

Christielli said...

First of all, slipping on a slate hill sounds like no fun at all. Hope your neck feels better.

And I could fill in that blank with many names, like Ben Mulroney (the host of our currently defunct version of Cdn Idol), half of my coworkers, Stephen Harper (our Prime Minister), and Alex Trebeck.

The Grunt said...

Tys~ Ouch! I've fallen off of one of those while sleeping when I was a kid. My brother said I just walked around in a circle crying and then laid on the floor and went back to sleep.

Julie~ LOL! The only thing that Creeps me out about Richard Simmons is his greased up thighs and poodle hair.

NYD~ Do you fear being trapped in an invisible box as well?

Rawbean~ I'm almost certain that Cheney would eat me.

Christielli~ The neck is better. I think Alex Trebeck would get tired of me first.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Well you know my HONEST answer would be snakes, but that's just not witty or creative, so I'll have to get back to you.

Sorry you had a mishap while adventuring but I'm really glad you weren't too badly injured! Be careful out there! Sometimes there are more dangerous things than bigfoot out there! ;)

"K" Fingerett said...

Dear Mr. Grunt Man,

It has been a VERY long time-- and for that, I am very sorry :(

You do remember me don't you?

Hmm... Well, to fill in the blank-- I'd have to say "Barney with *The Nanny's* voice"

Well thats all for now

Til next time...


The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ You and Indiana Jones, lol!

K~ Of course I remember you! I hope all is well. I look forward to the next time I get too see your eyes.

Jules said...

... enough jello to fill a tub and nobody around to disturb you.

How's your neck feeling now?