Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Elitist Orange

 (Actual photo of the secret "Cremation of Care" ritual at the Bohemian Grove)

I have an idea for a Youtube channel that would blow up the internet.  It would be called "Illuminati Fails", featuring members of said secret organization falling off of skate boards, crashing cars,  tripping over their crimson robes at mock human sacrifice ceremonies (Cremation of Care/Bohemian Grove top ten fails!!!)  The best clip, I hear, is of one of the Rockefeller's falling off of a giant stone owl idol and right into the alter after a drunken dare, naked, of course.  The other fails might consist of wearing a Darth Vader costume to one of those "bird mask and cloak" sex parties I hope to be invited to someday--only probably to help clean up after, ewwww! But, if it is like where I work now, the people in charge usually let me have leftovers from important get togethers or just feed me scraps under the table.  Hmmmm, what else?  Perhaps an Illuminati fail could be accidentally revealing global depopulation agendas on "Ellen", "Fallon", or "Live: with Kelly and Michael!" 

Pewdiepie would be the host.


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The Grunt said...

When's the last time anybody ever told you that they loved you? Because, I do, you big silly.