Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's that smell? (Featuring guitar video)

Have you ever had one of those days where you smelled like toast? I'll be damned if I didn't have one of those days today. Being sick sucks rotten vegetables. I need to invent the "Face Diaper". There's this guy that every time he sees me he mentions the dangers of pornography. I'm thinking that he owns a secret stash of Good House Keeping magazines, and his wife doesn't know anything about it. I really hope that they have kids. I did a crap video of me showing of the guitar build. I didn't make it from raw materials. It was a build made up from castaway parts and cheap stuff. I have been sick so I am not in the best mood to play guitar or look presentable. Enjoy!


Megan said...

Very impressive, although you speak of the guitar as if it's your red headed step child. I think you should name it Nancy.

Christielli said...

Love the guitar!

Hope that you feel better.

rawbean said...

That was ONE TECHNICAL one - please play us a song because it sounds like you're good!

Karyn said...

I think you always look presentable.

Karyn said...

Also - at last - the infamous voice!

Logophile said...

I LOVE me some Grunty!

there is nothing wrong with redheaded stepchildren!!

Jules said...

Super nice to see you Grunty... feeling like crap and all, you still look great and sound great!

The Grunt said...

Megan~ Well, it isn't my finest instrument, but it isn't the worst one either. I like its tone, but the neck isn't the best match for my hand, which causes fatigue.

Christielli~ I do feel better!

Rawbean~ I went into the technical stuff because one of my male readers wanted the gritty details. I am a good enough guitar player and I have written and recorded some songs. I'll see.

Karyn~ Presentable and infamous. I am a total package.

Logo~ Good to see you representing your colors!

Anonymous~ Sorry, I don't speak Spanish.

Jules~ Thanks! I know that I have been in better shape in my life, but I am much stronger in my spirit now.

Wayne said...

Matt, I've always wanted a black on black strat. What DYI job can I do on my Silver/White strat? inquiring minds want to know.