Saturday, January 09, 2010

"The Joy of Blogging" by Maynard J. Simmons

Hello. I'd first like to thank Grüntark Q. Sherman (his real full name) for allowing me to share with you my remarks concerning blogging. Secondly, have you ever wondered if there are donkeys on the moon? If so, did you know that you can blog about such musings? Also, did you know that doing such a thing can create joyful thoughts in your mind? Friends, this is the joy of blogging.

I once was lost and now am found. I credit my parents putting my face on milk cartons for this happy event. Even better, I blogged about this experience. It made my toes tingle and my hair curl from excitement. Yea, my heart was full, and verily I felt as though the rapture had settled in my pants with every fiber of my being. Wait...that might have been Fiber One and beans that caused a rupture in my pants. I get a little confused when I'm happy.

There is a reason that I touch on this subject, briefly. I feel that my dearest friend Grüntark has lost the joy of blogging and is focusing too much on the ass end of life. I've witnessed him eat a whole bag of cheese curds and a jar of green olives while watching Little House on the Prairie reruns. The thing is that he keeps yelling "whore" and throwing throw pillows at the TV. What's more confusing is that it is only when Charles is on screen.

I think Grüntark would like to hear from all of you. It would cheer him up. It might even get him to blog more frequently. It might even get him to stop calling Mr. Ingalls a whore. Yes, he may once again experience the joy of blogging.



Julie Schuler said...

Charles was a whore, we all know that now.
Tell Grunt we would be happy to hear his many tales again. They are out there waiting for him. And I am out here waiting to hear about them.

Christielli said...

I do think that Mr. Gruntark should blog more, but he can keep on calling Mr. Ingalls a whore. That's fun. ;)

Queue_t said...

would love to hear Grunty tales again:) miss your humor and fun.

I have been not very diligent either.

vera said...

Mr. Ingalls is a whore.
Also, my blackberry decided to flip out of me on Friday and I lost EVERYTHING... so, I require your phone # again... text meh, pl0xy!! Then I will re-add you to my very short and sad contact list!!!
You cannae quite blogging, because then what would I do?... Grrr...
Grunto! Think of the children!