Friday, November 13, 2009

Leper Kahn

I often sit in a comfortable chair, drinking a Diet Coke, and think how unfair the world is.

I imagine a world where every person has free access to hugs and the right to refuse them--or the right to hug something in self defense.

Spaz is such a funny word. "Assistant to Spaz" is my job title.

I heard a man say that God loves irony. From this I also assume that God also gets a good chuckle out of not existing and existing at the same time. God must also enjoy giving one team a championship win because they prayed for it and letting the other team lose because they asked for the same thing. I also know of a kid who prayed to God that he would see a bear on his trip to Yellowstone and he did see one. I pray for a lot of things and I get mixed results. It is much like playing a slot machine that holds my eternal fate in its magic lever. What I meant to say is that I constantly fear pissing off the great slot machine up in the sky while hoping for enough winnings to pay for enough gas to make it back home. That is faith.

Some of the things that turned out for the better are still good while some of the other things that seemed good have actually turned out to follow a much more depressing course.

I have a hard time lately watching movies at home all the way through. There is something wrong with my attention span.

I have no current obsessions. It really worries me.

Well, in the immortal words of Ralph Wiggam, "Go Banana!'


Jay Ferris said...

I'm guessing that chair has a high back, is all chrome, and swivels effortlessly to provide a 360ยบ view of your evil lair?

Julie Schuler said...

It's always nice to hear from you. I hope you find an obsession soon.

Christielli said...

I heard a kid yell "Go Banana!" the other day somewhere and I thought of Ralph.

Thanks for the kind words over on my blog. Things are okay with my dad. He's grumpy, which is a good sign. If he's not grumpy, it's a sign he's really sick.

Sorry to hear that some things are following a less than happy path. :(

Hmmmm, as for a current obsession, I could suggest, ummm, Flight of the Conchords? Have you watched that? It's obsession-worthy.

Logophile said...

Its better when you drink a Vault,
I'm just saying.

Would you rather be the spaz, or the spaz's assistant?

Jules said...

I DO live in the world of hugs. It's so nice here.