Friday, October 16, 2009

Just post already

Hello. It's been awhile but I needed the time away from blogging. Some very significant things have happened to people close to me and I have been involved a great deal in those life events. It has been truly great. My sister is out of the chains of addiction and discovering a whole new world now. My niece has got remarried to a man that treats her right. My mom has finally retired. My brother is starting to really try to lose weight.

I am still grunty, but with more miles and wear and tear. I think it makes me look distinguished (read: older and fatter--"Orson Welles"). I have had some time off and I hope to post pictures of my trip to Escalante. My friend Wayne promised me a CD with pictures of the trip. So, we are all at his mercy. I am parting together another electric guitar out of odds and sods that I had laying around, together with a recently acquired Stratocaster neck from Ebay.

I've been doing a little work and consulting for a local metal band, nothing big, but cool nonetheless. I get paid "big fat donut" for my sage advice and skillful hands. It is all part of my plan to become their creepy tech guy when they make it to the county fair circuit.

Well, that's about it. More posts to come. Hopefully, they will be weird ones.


Julie Schuler said...

Nice to hear from you, and I'm glad so many things have resolved themselves for the better.

Christielli said...

Glad to see another post from you. :D

Tys on Ice said...

:)...welcome back...bring on the weird posts...

glad that things are sorting itself out around u...nice.

Jules said...

It's awesome to hear that all of your family is getting onto the right paths for success!! YAY!

Nice to hear you talking about something that you are so passionate about again, it's been a while!

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Well thanks! One of the situations will not be "resolved" any time soon, but she is better than when I spent my weekends scrapping her drunk carcass off of her apartment floor.

Christielli~ I know. I was starting to miss myself.

Tys~ I'm working on a weird post as I type this.

Jules~ Yeah, I have been in that crisis zone for way too long.