Saturday, January 23, 2016

Genesis weren't always lame

Genesis with Peter Gabriel is what gets me feeling all proggy inside.  "The Lamia" is a great track from the final album from the Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.  If you are into prog rock that's weird and complex, not boring, the Genesis albums from "Trespass" to "Lamb" are worth a listen to. Peter Gabriel was doing some very interesting theater in concerts back in those days.  He liked to make up strange characters and even stranger costumes to portray them.  It's all worth checking out if, say, you are recovering from surgery and enjoy teasing guys about their belief in the healing power of puppies. Yeah.


Vampiressrory said...

Wow! What an oddly specific set of circumstances, which happen to correspond exactly with what's going on in my life! Personally, I always hope that the people that I tease understand that I only tease people that I like. It takes a very special type of person to make me feel comfortable with being mischievous ;D Even though I am really into classic rock, I actually never got into Genesis. For no better reason than that I was busy looking into other bands. I'm regretting now that I hadn't heard much of them before! Better late than never, and now is when I really need some good entertainment! Thanks, Grunty!

The Grunt said...

I'm speshul!!! Well, I like you to, but I can't say what I do to people I like--this is a family blog;)