Sunday, July 08, 2012

Short stuff

I'm keeping it brief tonight. If I kept it boxers, that would be silly. I found my way back into the mountains again. I am enjoying that. Waterfalls are now my thing, so the mines and ruins are off to the side for now. This evening's hike had me wondering what dogs could tell me, if they could talk, about my crotch. Pretty much all of the people with dogs on the trail had to pull their pooches off of smelling my nads. As far as I can tell, they're just plain nuts.

I've been doing more work at a storage unit that my family shares. The goal is to get people their stuff, throwaway a bunch of crap, and get the hell out of there by the end of July. I found a couple of boxes of my old hobbies, mainly radio controlled cars. I was the first kid in my neighborhood to get into building these things. When the other kids got into it, I ended up helping them build theirs and repairing them. Anyway, I decided to see if any of this old stuff was worth anything. Most of it isn't worth much more than fun memories, but there are some items that could fetch some nice dough.

One of the items is an old scale model, radio-controlled truck that was mostly metal and engineered unusually well. I bought this truck second hand from a hobby shop back when I was doing a paper route in seventh grade. It was old then, but it had a certain charm about it. I was going to buy a new car to have as a project, but I bought this truck instead. I never could find the parts that I needed, back then, to fix it up, so I boxed it and forgot about it. I grew out of that hobby as I got my license. Now, I am revisiting that time in my life.

This truck turned out to be a "holy grail" of scale model radio controlled cars. So I've begun sourcing the parts I need on Ebay (something the thirteen-year-old me never could have dreamed of). This little Toyota truck is going to get fixed up and then sold. It will have a new home of some man that wants to capture a part of his childhood in amber. It isn't my thing anymore. I believe that it was my job to obtain it, be the caretaker, and now the restorer of it. The joy I will get is finding ways to spend the money from selling it.

Is that all? Yeah, for now. Toodles!


The Grunt said...

You should have written a post about puppies.

The Grunt said...

Ooh, yeah! Puppies would have made a great post topic. Can your next post be about puppies?

The Grunt said...


Nessa Roo said...

I like puppies.

But I don't want a free one.

(and I don't want to pay for one, either.)

Christielli said...

The first line of this post made me LOL.

Glad you're into the mountains again.

Going through those old hobbies sounds fun! :D

Christielli said...


I request a post about kitties. I prefer them to puppies.

The Grunt said...

Nessa Roo~ When I was a child I had a friend who had hermit crabs for pets, he also had a dog named "Dog". In high school we gave this friend the nickname "Whore". Later in life, this guy became an alcoholic, works baggage for the airlines, and calls himself "Turbo". The morale of the story is choose your pets wisely. Either that or don't name your friend in high school "Whore".

Christielli~ Making you lol makes my day better. Kitten post? I'll think about it.

Jules said...

They can't be plain nuts if all the dogs are attracted to them. Must be flavored or scented.

Did I miss the point of this post? ;)