Thursday, May 26, 2011

Water on me brain

Flooding, mudslides, and sandbags: it's happening. I thought I heard the wind blowing outside and it turned out to be the not-so-little-anymore creek wrecking havoc a block down the road. It is almost June and there's still shitloads of snow pack up in them thar hills. I couldn't even finish a hike the other day because the bridge across the stream was totally gone. I wasn't in the mood to be swept away or drowned in the torrent so I pussied out and turned back. I have to admit that the raging waters do attract me, much the same way matches did as a child (and still do today, gosh darnit all). Is it normal to get excited over pending natural disasters? I'm weird that way, I guess.


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

It is exhilarating. I was overtly nebbing into an emergency call a few houses down. Since my kids are still young, I could always just say that they wanted to see the emergency vehicles. But in truth, I just had to know, was the sheet going to be up or down?

Megan said...

I like floods, but fire... intoxicating!

Christielli said...

Melting snow still? Wow.

Jules said...

Hmmm, I don't think that's quite normal, but I have to admit, I was in awe at the height, speed and strength of our Red Deer River as I was driving close to it this morning.

rawbean said...

I can't do the Grouse Grind yet because there is still snow up there. Damn mother nature.

Poor us!

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Yeah, I'm like flies on sherbert when stuff like that happens. I have to know what is going down. I even posted about seeing a guy a knew get shot dead by local cops. It was a "suicide by cop" situation--I was half a block away on a rooftop watching the standoff.

Megan~ I would've made room for you in my pyro club back in the day.

Christielli~ Yeah, the mountains over the Memorial Day weekend got a foot or more of fresh snow.

Jules~ Did you feel the sudden urge to use the bathroom seeing all that water flow?

Robin~ Yeah, snow should know that it really is being uncool and needs to go home.