Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Five Mayonnaise Day!!!

Yes, it's me, your favorite retard. I've been on some hikes. I've been working on sprinkler systems and cabinets (jerk of all trades/master of nuns). I've been reading a lot. I want to build a little speeder bike out of my dad's '50s era Hiawatha pedal bike and an 80cc, 2-stroke engine--I just need the monies (pronunciation in honor of Cinco de Mayo). I am going to take some online instruction to gain some better computer skills--not the kind that makes me giggle and clap my hands--the work kind. I need to have prospective employers not view me as a leper. Sometimes I get the feeling that, based on my resume, people assume that I run around filthy dirty with a hammer and shovel asking people to tell me what two plus potato is. I know the answer: it's pinata form. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Christielli said...

What have you been reading?

Jules said...

I'd love to see the bike once you get it completed, after you get the job planting potatoes and growing pinata donkeys.