Sunday, February 07, 2010

Your randomness

There's this lady who can't get herself a man because she is very ugly. She decides to consult a fortune teller to see what the future holds for her and see if there is any hope that she will get a man. The fortune teller sees something and proceeds to tell the woman that she will have many men in her next life, as she will be quite beautiful. Somewhat distraught by this prospect, she is determined to end her lonely life and get on with her next incarnation. So, she finds a bridge spanning a big river and jumps off. Without realizing, she falls safely onto a pile of bananas on boat. Still dazed by the fall she excitedly shouts, "One at a time boys! One at a time!"

I swear that I am going to sell off some of my musical gear. I don't like the fact that all signs are pointing to me becoming a hoarder, if I don't act fast. I always say that I am going to get rid of stuff and then I look into those puppy dog eyes of my gadgets and let them stay. Please, God, help me.

My Netflix queue is sending me a bunch of foreign films. I know that I was the one who put them on the queue in the first place and that I could change the queue. But I feel like it is my duty to carry out the viewing of my queue as it has been initially organized. It is fate, I feel, that made me choose this queue. However, I am getting weary of reading movies now. On the plus side, I can act like a film snob, having viewed most of Ingmar Bergman's films. Yeah, that will get me laid.

That is all for now. Good day.


Julie Schuler said...

Oh no! Don't be a hoarder. I sometimes watch that Hoarders show on A&E- hey wasn't that supposed to be Arts and Entertainment, I haven't seen any art on there that I can remember?- but anyway, it makes me want to throw everything in my house away.

You can totally reorganize your queue, and you should be glad you don't have to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Spongebob Squarepants all day. I've watched so much Spongebob, I think I know all the celebrity cameos. Charles Nelson Reilly as the Dirty Bubble is my favorite.

Christielli said...

I think A&E's Hoarders has lead to more people being afraid that they are becoming Hoarders.

I wish I had Netflix, or whatever its Cdn equivalent is, but I rarely watch movies, so, it wouldn't work for me. I admire your commitment to your queue.

rawbean said...

I have actually watched the Seventh Seal. It was in a class I took in first year University called "Death and Concepts of After Life'. The professor was a Rabbi!

Yea it was my eleventh choice.

オテモヤン said...


Jay Ferris said...

Sell your hard-earned/built musical goods? Screw that. I say clone yourself a few times over and start a band!

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I promise not to be a hoarder...of stuff that does not kick ass.

Christielli~ See, this is proof that I am not afraid of commitment....well, I am afraid, but once committed I'm in it all the way.

Rawbean~ I really liked that movie. Bergman is for people that think too much. I think too much.

Long Duck Dong~ Really?

Jay~ I really do need to start a band.