Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gift Basket of Deplorables

This post's title begs to be made into a movie.  Who to direct? Tarantino?? Rob Zombie???  Whomever takes on such a project needs to tap into the mind of the Trump supporter and extract that magic--the perfect horror movie.  I figure the strategy to "make America great again", in this horror scenario, is a family magically appears in every neighborhood around the country, in a house that no one remembers being there.  Things in the neighborhood mysteriously start to change, bit by bit.  It's a "The Stepford Wives" meets "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" kind of thing.  One by one, each household is transformed into a super xenophobic, uneducated, disgruntled Trump supporter. It gets better. Hillary and her zombie body-double hoards start taking over the urban areas, eating the rich but not leaving any meat on the bone for the working class. Her attacks become more intense as the weather cools down.  Meanwhile, The Great and Terrible Orange One is busy building a wall around his tower, using illegal immigrant labor, to protect him from the mess he started.

It's a work in progress.


Jules said...

I take it you're not all that happy with your choices this election cycle? LOL

The Grunt said...

Hahahahahaha! Nope:(

Nessa Locke said...

Omigosh. This is perfect. I want to analyze it as an allegory. (Because I'm a nerd, but it's very exciting stuff for nerds, you know.)