Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tennis Elbow

Hells bells my elbow hurts.  Well, it hurts less than it did before.  For about a month and a half, I've had "tennis elbow".  Last week I finally went to see a sports medicine specialist about it, and I have since been doing physical therapy, plus wearing a nifty brace.  The weird part is that I don't remember playing tennis.

What I did do to earn this elbow was good ol' repetitive motion.  Nope, it wasn't from masturbating; that would be "penis elbow".  No, I got this from using a hand truck to haul many heavy things, over and over for a month's time. The reason for my bitching is that I really feel misrepresented by my condition's name.  I wasn't all "la dee da" hitting a damn ball around and got hurt.  

I know that tennis can be pretty fierce, but the name surely isn't.  Why can't it be called "boxer's elbow" or "chin-scratcher tendonitis"?  Boxer's elbow would sound better than tennis elbow, but I don't box.  Chin-scratcher tendonitis would be more representative of what I do. I am constantly being baffled and like to exhibit my frustrations through a vigorous chin massage, so I think the name fits.

I guess I can just tell people that I have lateral epicondylitis.  Maybe then they'll think I'm dying and be nicer to me.


Nessa Locke said...

You could call it Ball-Whacker Elbow. Same sport, more grit.

The Grunt said...

Ball-Whacker Elbow sounds too similar to Penis Elbow, but I like that we are coming up with funny medical terms.

Jules said...

Awwww.. hugging your arm. Not to be confused with humping your arm. Hugging. Get better soon. And stop hauling stuff around.

The Grunt said...

Well, if somebody started humping my arm, I'd be confused. I'll take an arm hug from you, Jules.

Logophile said...

When people get boring injuries I always advise them to manufacture a more heroic back story.
I agree with you regarding the "tennis elbow" thing, it's just not heroic. I think it happened while you were solo hiking and only narrowly survived, yeah, that's the ticket.

The Grunt said...

Logo, that's what I'm going to say from now on. At least it's plausible.