Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've had fun posting about my adventures here on the blog.  My last adventure is one that I was looking forward to blogging about, but I can't. Why? Because, your stupid fearless adventurer wandered into a rather suspect camp and informed law enforcement about it.  I spent last weekend having phone interviews with city police, Sheriff's Department, and the Forest Service. My photos and such, plus not being able to talk about it sucks.  The plus side is that if they make an arrest, I get a reward.  Maybe someday I'll be allowed to talk about it openly.  I'll say this, the site had a few possibilities that had law enforcement interested enough to launch an investigation. One thing's for sure, I'm never going back that deep into that area again and I'm not giving the location until things are cleared up.  I got out of there without harm, but that's because I am lucky that no one was home at the time and because of my survival skills acquired in 'Nam, er, Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts' Delta Force).  I kid, but I'm not joking about this.  What good is an adventure if you can't brag about it?


Nessa Roo said...

I think I'm allergic to that sort of adventure, seriously.
Still, I'm happy to see you had survived it. Imagine if you hadn't. I would have wondered and worried, and probably thought you fell into a cave.

Megan said...

Crazy, but kinda fun? Everyone needs a little detour from their planned adventure every once in awhile.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I'm glad you got out okay. I think there are some citadels of madness in the woods closer to West Virginia. That's why I stay away from there.

Christielli said...

Whoa, sounds like a crazy adventure! Too bad you can't spill it all here, but we get why.

Glda you are safe.

Jules said...

Wow.. I knew something was up. You were rather quiet in these here parts.

The Grunt said...

Nessa Roo~ Well, I had no idea that this was going to happen. I was more worried about breaking a leg or getting a snake bite. Yeah, this kind of adventure is more appealing if you have backup.

Megan~ You hit the nail on the head. There was some excitement about it, but a ton of caution and anxiety about what to do about it.

Julie K.S.~ I can only imagine the goings on of the real "hillbillies" of West Virginia. It makes me want to go there.

Christielli~ The thing is that I'm even out of the loop, now that it is being investigated. I gave them GPS coordinates and described the site/how to get there. Unless they make an arrest, I'll probably never know anymore about this.

Jules~ Yes! I was a bit hesitant to talk, but it was all I was thinking about. It sucks because I really wanted to check out a certain area nearby a bit further. Now I really can't do that because of the possible danger involved.

tys said...

damn man, now iam all curious...spill the beans...i hope it wasnt one of those hills have eyes kinda things

Anonymous said...

@ Grunt

Four letters says it all. It's good business hydroponics don't you agree? Where I live only chinese are involved in these sort of things. Well so far they all were chinese. The question is did you try it ? say yes or no only.


Tys on Ice said...

so? what happened about this post? what did you bust?