Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten Things that happened

  1. I had a birthday.
  2. I saw The Avengers.
  3. My back got better.
  4. I had a disturbing dream.
  5. I learned that it doesn't matter, so long as you don't murder them in real life.
  6. I went for a long hike, took pictures of old frontier ruins, and explored many mine tunnels.
  7. I found a shotgun up on a high ridge. It was half-buried in the ground.
  8. I did not find human remains near the shotgun, but wondered if it were dumped there by a criminal.
  9. I am stupid and took the gun with me. I plan to restore it and shoot at old T.V.'s and other "desert" appliances.
  10. Discovered that my deceased mother recently shared something on Facebook; thus, proving that the afterlife can be just as mundane as the present life.
In reference to #9, I present...


Megan said...

Happy belated B-Day!

Wayne77 said...

Pics of the gun or it didn't happen

Christielli said...

Happy belated birthday!

Only in the US would you find a gun lying around!

The Grunt said...

Megan~ Thanks!

Wayne~ Well, they happen to be on my brother's Facebook page, but I want to do a full post on it here. Stay tuned.

Christielli~ Thanks! Also, it is very true about guns and the US. I happen to like the sport of shooting--kind of handed down generations to me. But my biggest concern is seeing people who have no regard for safety or sanity firing guns. There are a lot of scary people out in the world.

Jules said...


Happy Birthday

I hope it's safe for you to have that gun and that it doesn't link you to a crime of some sort.

I listened to a big deal on CBC radio not long ago that talked about the technological imprint we all leave and how we should not only be keeping a list of the places we're members of along with our passwords, but also leaving that in with our wills now so that someone can be trusted to go in and disable all the accounts we had when we were alive. Not a bad idea. It would prevent tormenting people when those accounts got hacked into. Sorry that happened, Grunty.

Nessa Roo said...

Number Ten. Please expand on that.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ Thanks!

Nessa Roo~ I'm not sure what happened to my deceased mother's Facebook page, but her profile shared pictures of my father putting flowers on her grave this Mother's Day. I think one of my sisters might've figured out her password--and not the deceased sister. Now that would be weird.

tys said...

happy belated birthday...super scary about the facebook thing...