Friday, December 16, 2011

Oldest Dirty Bastard

In order to hold the title of "Oldest Dirty Bastard" you must use food stuffs as your main source of innuendo. Anyone for "instant mash" or receiving a "gift basket" (just add banana)?But even with success in mashing potatoes and inserting bananas into the fruit basket equation, the Oldest Dirty Bastard would occasionally suffer "writer's block".Of course, there is one simple cure for writer's block and cold frankfurters, which involves much repetitious pleading, again, referencing food stuffs found in 1930s era pantries.After all remedies have been applied, the requisite compliments and flattery are employed to ensure continued therapy and possibly a large breakfast of biscuits, sausages, fruits, and figgy pudding (well, I'd want figgy pudding afterwards).


The Grunt said...

I love writing unpopular posts.

Jules said...

Not unpopular, just a long one to listen to. The lyrics were funny and literally made me lol!!

The Grunt said...

Well Jules, if I can make you lol, then I'm satisfied.

Successful post!