Monday, December 12, 2011

Giving thanks for good health

I had an examination with my oncologist today. My health is good. I am really happy about this. My oncologist has been there for me over the past while like no other person. To be honest, not only did she save my life, she gave me a different life. I have been able to talk to her about things that I'd not been able to with anyone who was in an "official" position to help me, including spiritual. She is a true healer with no intent to judge.

Anyway, she is moving on to another hospital. Today was the last checkup I had with her. We talked about the past four years and how she was only two years out of her residency when she handled my diagnosis and treatment plan. We talked about my rough journey of overcoming cancer, the loss of my sister to alcohol, and the loss of my mother to cancer (whom she got to know well during my chemotherapy treatments), all while we knew each other. We hugged and said our farewells. I also told her how grateful I was for all that she had done for me.

I don't know that I'm ready to break in another doctor. It will not be the same, but I am okay. My life may not be perfect, but the deep wounds that I've carried in my life are not so bad anymore. To have been treated by a true healer is a blessing. Doc, I give you thanks from the best part of me. I will try to make the life you gave me worthy of the effort you put into saving it.


Christielli said...

So glad that your health is still good! It's so awesome that you had such a great relationship with your doctor. It's too bad she's leaving, but it's so important to be thankful that you had that relationship when you really needed it.

jason said...

happy that you're healthy grunt, and really enjoyed reading about what a good relationship you had with your oncologist. the world needs more good people. hope you'll find another great person going forward.

Jules said...

That's an awesome post, Grunty. I'm thrilled to hear that you're still doing well with your health.

I know what it's like to trust somebody with your life. It's a bond beyond bonds. It's wonderful that you had her in your life, and I'm certain you can keep in touch with her if you choose to. And I recommend it, if she was so helpful with *all* areas.