Friday, October 15, 2010

Mmmm, donut!

This video was taken last week. I happened to be up Big Cottonwood canyon, home of Brighton and Solitude ski resorts and decided to take a shortish hike up to this place, Donut Falls. It was a bit slick climbing up to the actual donut part of the falls and my hiking boots are worn out, especially the tread. So, I had a couple of fun experiences climbing up, finding out that it was time for new boots...and panties! Five points to whomever spots the Ian Dury reference in this post.


Sun Follower said...

OK... let's see... Blockheads....? nope. Um... Delusions of Grandeur?... nope.

I know! I Know! AIN'T IT COOL! :)

Jules said...

I don't even know who Ian What-his-name is... so I don't get the points.

BUT, I do know beauty when I see it and that location is just that! :) I could spend a great many hours in a place like that.

The Grunt said...

Sun~ Well, at least you know what I am talking about.

Jules~ It doesn't matter if you know what I am talking about. You are just darn tootin' anyway. Anyway, that area is only one of many outstanding hikes in that area. I mean, that was just an appetizer.