Thursday, June 11, 2009

TIGF!!! Silk blindfolds

I have sensitive eyes. Noise isn't the primary obstacle for me getting to sleep or staying asleep. Light is the main culprit for my arousal or inability to zonk out. I happen to live on a busy street. This damn street, and paranoid neighbors with their motion-sensing flood lights, make me go into fits when I'm trying to get a little shut eye. Up until now, my solution has been to use my black Pink Floyd "Division Bell" concert t-shirt to throw over my face. It still has that unwashed stench of concert sweat and weed and will stay that way--you never wash concert t-shirts, teens. The problem there was that I had woke up a few times with this t-shirt almost strangling me, having wrapped itself around my neck. So, I broke down, went to Rite-Aide, and bought myself a teal-colored, silk blind fold. I didn't opt for the one with lace, though.

As gay as I look wearing this thing, I have got to say that it feels divine. It is more than that, though; my eyes feel cooler and I don't wake up as "baggy" as I used to. The downside to this blind, versus the Floyd shirt, is that there is no olfactory enhancement that stimulates wicked dreams. In fact, this silk blindfold promotes more sedate and sensitive dreams, where I sit around drinking chai and asking people about their feelings. This pisses of that little part of me that says, "Oh, go shove a corn cob up your ass, you sissy boy!" I think, in time, this little part of me will come around.

Any of you use a blind fold?


Julie Schuler said...

I think it's great to have sedate dreams, sitting around on tufted cushions, nibbling petit fours with mischievous dandies... count me in! Last night I slept with my glasses on because I was up every hour with my vomiting son. I don't think I'd like to wear anything over my eyes, it will impede my catlike reflexes for reacting quick in gross situations.

Christielli said...

I'm the opposite. I can't sleep if it's too dark. I need a little bit of light.

rawbean said...

I have no problems sleeping at all. I also live on a busy street but it doesn't effect me. A semi-truck cab ran into the building next door and I didn't wake up.

Hmm....I wonder why that is?

I can also drink coffee before bed.

Okay now I'm just showing off :)

Jules said...

No I don't use one, but you can rest assured that I'll be dreaming of your post tonight! For me, it's the noise factor, because I'm a light sleeper. I used to be light sensitive, but having a child who never slept made it possible for me to fall asleep with lights on while I was rocking him.

Jay Ferris said...

I'm the same way when it comes to light, but have opted for a jumbo piece of black felt that covers my windows on command. It doubles nicely for a privacy screen when I'm locked in their shooting up as well.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ What would super mom be without her super glasses? When I was a kid, if my mom didn't have her glasses on it would freak me out.

Christielli~ So, you are always protected from the Boogeyman.

Rawbean~ A semi-truck crash? Really? Freakin' awesome!

Jules~ You'll have to tell me what you did end up dreaming about.

Jay~ I thought of doing that. I picked up the blind fold while on vacation and just ended up using it at home.

NYD said...

I refuse to answer that on the grounds that my patchouli scented closet fresheners would revolt and run off with a mariachi ensemble.

To tell the truth I use a knit cap or an old sock; whichever's nearest.

Logophile said...

I am only light sensitive sometimes, but I HATE having stuff over my face.
I'm glad you found a way to relieve your sleepless nights and sooth your sensitive eye area, that is so awesome.
It's too bad you didn't opt for lace, that is the only thing that could have made it better.

Keshi said...

I love darkness with some distant light ofcourse :)


Waterwings said...

I don't like to refer to mine as blindfold. I like to think of it as an eye patch - like a pirate - but for both eyes.

Chandra said...

First off I'm a douche for not visiting more, but it's not just you... I didn't realize it but I didn't post for over a month. YA CRAZY.

Blindfolds remind me of bachelor parties and old ladies... not to be mixed together hopefully. OK great... that should make for some interesting dreams for you tonight ;) haha

Chandra said...
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Wayne said...

Light is the main culprit for your arousal??

The obvious question is how you get round during the day and keep it down. A secondary, and equally important question is how do you keep it up at night?

Sorry, couldn't resist.