Thursday, June 25, 2009

They happen in threes

  • Farrah
  • Ed
  • Michael
Of Farrah:

My older brother had "the" poster with the magic nipples in it. I was an avid watcher of Charlie's Angels reruns, but was more devoted to Wonder Woman. I will remember her for her character of "Blond Girl" in Logan's Run and for her paintings, using her nude body as a brush. This is proof that Texans are different from the rest of us and that is why we like them. Mostly, though, I will think about another fellow being that lost their battle with cancer and how fortunate I am to have survived my battle with that disease.

Of Ed:

I was lucky enough to have spent many nights of my youth watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I would sometimes crash my parents' room and watch this with my dad while my mom was busy doing mom stuff. There was something about Ed that made you like him, or fear him. You just knew that if you met him in the right circumstances that he might "heyo" you to death. Ed was one of the few people that could put "Trademark Laugh" on a resume and it would get him the job. At least he and Johnny can do the show again.

Of Michael:

Pop genius, pure and simple. I really got into my brother's 45's of the Jackson 5 and his early solo stuff. I wasn't even ashamed to like him when he released Thriller, then things started getting weird...Howard Hughes meets Elvis weird. From hyperbaric chambers to Elepant Man skeletons, and the occult to Bubbles the Chimp. Throw in Brooke Shields, Webster, Neverland Ranch, and a bunch of young boys and you have only a grain of sand on an entire bizzaro world beach. He seemed only to be visiting this planet, anyway. Somehow, I am happy for him. As tragic as his death may be, I really didn't want to see what advanced age would do to him. I found it painful to watch him make attempts at becoming "adult", having kids and canned marriages. He just could never be old--he needed to exist elsewhere, away from normality. Maybe he really was Peter Pan. There won't be anybody nor anything like him again.


Julie Schuler said...

We were sitting on the porch, listening to MJ on the radio, and I had to begin by telling my kids, "There was once this famous performer named Michael Jackson". I felt like I was beginning a fairy tale. Thriller was the awesomest album I had when I was ten, and I hope my kids will be able to appreciate it in some small way when they are older.

oh yeah- I changed my blog name to so I can be more uniform in my presence on the innerwebs. Sorry.

NYD said...

You are nice to people, Grunt.

That's just one of the reasons I like you.

You may save this comment and regurgitate it if you ever start TIGF again.

Christielli said...

All these deaths are sad.

I think I might have to bust out the MJ episode of the Simpsons in memory.

Tys on Ice said...

u r rite abt MJ...i think everyone had been his fan at one point in their lives...i know it sounds heartless but this was probably the best thing that wud happen to him...cant imagine him doing the age rounds....u think we wish it on people and it happens?....

john lennon, elvis , jim morrison etc...or is it that they are dead and so we think its better that way...?

Sun Follower said...

Truer words were never written, Grunty. What a week.

Jay Ferris said...

I agree on not wanting to see what further time and age would have done to MJ. Besides, the show probably isn't over yet. I can't imagine that he didn't ask to have his head be frozen in hopes of being reborn someday.

Jules said...

I went most of the day without knowing this news, but then when I heard it, it was all over everywhere. It's such a shame when the world loses such iconic members of society. I'm sure they'll all be missed, and thanks, Grunty, for paying tribute!