Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cheeseball's Revenge

Who here stuffs themselves with work goodies around this time of year? Everybody, I assume. Sometimes, those holiday goodies strike back. They leave us tormented and disabled, or even worse, we end up in the emergency room with an I.V. drip keeping us from excreting ourselves to death. While I have not had that level of sickness inflict me yet, I count my blessings; because, I'm a damn fool when it comes to what food I choose to eat.

A while ago, I was enjoying a rather bounteous year of holiday booty, snack-wise. People at work kept bringing in the goods and sharing with one another. Such a joyous time, only to go horribly wrong. Come on, humans were was bound to happen. Somebody left a cheeseball sitting on a computer all day. It was smoked cheddar with bits of ham. My buddy/co-worker and I were not aware that this cheeseball was out as long as it had been. We spent the remainder of our shift polishing this thing off with some crackers. That was on a Friday. Saturday came and all was well. Sunday came and things became interesting.

My buddy looks forward to Christmas, starting December 26th. He compulsively sings Christmas songs throughout the year. If he were just a little more insane, I'd think that he would probably tie a dog to a Red Flyer and throw himself off an overpass, thinking that he and his "reindeer" were out delivering presents to all the good little girls and boys. And for those who are David Lynch fans, think of the character Jingle Dale, from the movie "Wild at Heart". My buddy is alright, but a little ca-ca for coo-coo puffs, or is that the other way around? Anyways, he was going to sing in his church's choir that Sunday. It was this big Christmas program that he'd been looking forward to for a few months. He wanted me to come to see him sing, and so I did.

I'm sitting near the back of the chapel looking at my friend, eagerly waiting for the choir to start singing. I noticed that he couldn't sit still and was grimacing. He's kind of squirrelly anyway, so I thought that he was only anxious. The conductor of the program introduces the choir and their program. I'm seeing an amazingly intense stare coming from my buddy's eyes. He looked really focused. The choir arose and began to sing "Angels We Have Heard on High". So, this man who has been looking forward to this day for months, begins to have trouble singing, but soldiers on. Throughout this first piece he keeps clutching at his belly and wincing. He probably sang most of that song with his eyes closed. Mercifully, the choir finished their first song, and my buddy was still standing up there waiting for the scripture to be read, leading into their next song.

Right before the conductor got up to lead the choir, I noticed that my buddy's eyes started to bulge out. "Oh, no," he exclaimed. People in the congregation and the choir had no idea what the hell was going on--I had no idea what was going on. My friend raced down from the top of the front pulpit area and continued to run for the back of the chapel while groaning. We were all thoroughly confused at this point. The conductor composed herself and got the choir back to business. I decided to go check out what happened to my friend.

I walked down the hall and looked to see if his car was still there and it was. On my way down another hall, I decided to check out the men's room to see if he was in there. I got about ten feet away and I could tell that something was bad was going on in there. I just hoped that there would be something left of my friend after whatever was happening in there was done. I got brave and cracked the door. The smell curled my nose hairs and the air left a hint of acrid sharpness on my tongue. "You alright in there, man?"

"No...leave me alone...I don't feel guh...." I'll spare you the rest of what he said and did after that. The part that made it worse for him was that a couple of late comers had stopped by the restroom to see what all the violence was about. We all knew each other, and some of the guys went and got other guys, which made the whole ordeal for my friend worse. It was hard not to laugh, so we didn't try to stop laughing. I wasn't a good friend. I should've put a stop to it all, but I didn't. I, however, would not get away with the last laugh. Later that day, I got a visit from the ol' fecal fairy, too. It was, rather, more of a screamin' demon, topsy turvy, "Which way did he go, George?" kind of thing, where you don't know whether to sit on the toilet or aim your face into it. Since, I couldn't do both at the same time, I used the waste basket to make the monster noises in. What horrible days those next few turned out to be.

Every now and then, when we're together, all my buddy and I have got to say to each other to start laughing is "cheeseball". Eat carefully.


Scott said...

Great post... "fecal fairy" haha. Hope that the system is all settled this Holiday season.


The Grunt said...

I'm prepared: I have a months supply of Pepto Bismal and a catcher's mitt.

Pokey said...

The poopies are never a good thing. But cheeseballs are yummy, I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either. Why on earth would someone put a cheese ball atop a computer? IDIOTS I SAY, Idiots!

The Grunt said...

Pokey, It took me awhile to be able to eat a cheesball after that. I am now back to eating cheeseballs, but this memory flashes in my mind every time.

Me Over Here said...

Ah, I love me some potty humor.

I once ate expired tartar sauce. Unopened, warm, expired tartar sauce. I was not back to my old self for 2 days, and was always conflicted on which end should be pointing south...

Not. Fun. Times.

The Grunt said...

Ah yes, what you had is called secret sauce. The secret is that it was sitting out too long and hosting a metropolis of bacteria.

I am slowly getting myself inoculated. I eat from roach coaches and taco carts (two for a dollar). The best is when the only taco offered is "meat".

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog me/here.

Me Over Here said...

Why thank you, Grunting Gruntertons.

DaBugg said...

Funniest holiday story I have heard in a long time. I never thought I would laugh so hard about good old food poisoning. Not only did I have a good laugh, I have a new phrase to use, "ol' fecal fairy". I can’t wait to greet someone at the bathroom door and ask if they had a visit from the "ol' fecal fairy". LOL
Yet again, another great post Grunt

The Grunt said...

Dabugg, and everybody, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, a Krazy Kwanza, and whatever else is going on that I'm oblivious to, but respect none the less.

Merry Cheeseball, everyone, and to everyone a good shite!!!