Friday, August 19, 2005

The Grunt's tip of the day.

When you have to endure any job, especially the grunt type, there's these little events that break up the monotony and keep you sane. On the other hand, there's also this soul-sucking element to work. In order to overcome the effects of the workplace succubi, you need little moments/acts of anarchy in order to save your soul from complete assimilation into the body corporate. If you are not sure what I mean by "little acts of anarchy" never fear, I'll explain.
  1. When someone breaks wind or hurts themselves, give in and laugh.
  2. Hide your bosses' stapler, chair, or two-way radio.
  3. Write nonsensical messages on post-it notes and put them under random desks or in bathroom stalls (do this in a different handwriting than usual).
  4. Make a cubicle fort.
  5. See just how fast you can spin around on a floor buffer.
  6. Put awful seafood recipes in the office suggestion box.
  7. Carve self help messages in frozen hamburger patties for waiting customers.
  8. Have a pallet jack race.
  9. Let lizards loose in the building.
  10. After someone else says something that they feel is important add, "That's a fact!"
  11. Hang out with the janitor. If you are the janitor, loiter outside an important board meeting holding something that looks like it could make a lot of noise, but don't plug it in, just look menacing.
  12. And, if none of the above or anything else works, hurt yourself or break wind. Someone will laugh.

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