Friday, April 01, 2016

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday!!!): Gay Toupee (Trumpvolta) for the USA!

What is the only thing that can save us from this evil combover?
Why it's our friend Gay Toupee!
I know that technically speaking that this is a wig, but Trump's hair needs a lot of help, just as our country will need if he is elected president.  But if Trump gets outfitted with TIGF!!! level hair, he might come to his senses, drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, leave his wife, and save John Travolta from Scientology, which I believe robbed him of both his dignity and his hair.
Trumpvolta would be the ultimate power couple, far greater than the Clintons.  Trumpvolta doesn't have to be a sexual partnership, just a TIGF!!! one. Once Trumpvolta is under the guidance of the Gay Toupee, they will be unstoppable.  Trump will broker the deals, boss people around and Travolta will create sensible policies and programs to benefit the American people.  This is how the Travolta half of Trumpvolta would deal with terrorists:

I think it could work.


The Grunt said...

I would like to take a moment to say that I love you very much, Mr. Grunt.

Vampiressrory said...

I think a little shame, and indignation over bad behavior in true Travolta style ("He hit's my hair!") is exactly what people going to Trump rallies need to hear. As for Gay Toupee, well, he really should make more appearances. I think he could solve a wide range of our problems. Your trouble with the Knights of the Ikea table for example; who better to direct some bumbling knights than a sassy gay man with great hair? Lancelot had great hair, just look at all of the respect it got him from the knights! The sass would really drive it home! Oh, and Grunt, you can't have The Grunt! I'll get super jealous. :p

Christielli said...

How anyone could support that man with so much hatred, idiocy, and that hair is beyond me.

Now our PM, that's hair I can support.

The Grunt said...

Oh Canada, you and your sexy PM.

Trump is a reflection of the ugly side of Americans. That's why he looks and talks the way he does. I don't believe Trump respects the "average Joe", yet loves to get low and appeal to that person. He likes that feeling of power and having people within his clutches. Don't believe the silly post, Trump with any toupee will lead to the same result: disaster.