Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nope, uh-uh, bag it!

I find this particularly funny. A certain slightly lower-than-normal functioning gentleman that I know always punctuates certain sentences in this fashion. Whenever he is telling about how he quit doing something or decided against something, he always ends by saying, "Nope, uh-uh, bag it". He also likes to place random "YEAH"s during your turn to talk. Whenever you go to ask him how he's doing, he always beats you to the punch by saying real loud "GOOD" or "FINE", so I never get past "How...". A couple of times after he cut me off this way I decided to change the question around in order to confuse him. It sorta went like this: 

Me: "How..." 
Dude who talks funny: "Fine!" 
Me: "How'd ya like to give me twenty bucks? 
Dude: "No!" 
Me: "You said you were fine with it." 
Dude: (smiling nervously): "No, I didn't say that." 
Me: "Oh, you must've been trying to read my mind again. What happened?" 
Dude: "You're trying to be funny." 
Me: "Yeah sorry, I just wanted to have fun with ya." 
Dude: "Yeah! (laughs) Okay." 
Me: "So, you're doing alright then?" 
Dude: "Yeah." 
Me: "But you're not gonna give me twenty bucks now?" 
Dude (gets a semi-serious look on his face): "No, uh-uh, bag it." 

I wish more people were fun like this.


The Grunt said...

Good to see I'm as popular as ever.

Jules said...

Hahaha, I can just picture this.

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