Friday, November 16, 2012

Ray for a day

I was working with an electrician yesterday, hooking up some power to some office cubicles.  The whole time we worked together he kept calling me "Ray", with this thick Mexican accent. He either had me mixed up with someone else, or was trying to mess with me.  You'd think that this would bother me--it didn't.

When someone calls you by the wrong name the first time, you usually correct them, or politely let it slide, only to eventually correct them the second or third time.  I corrected this gentleman today and he got upset that I let him carry on calling me Ray.  When asked why I did, I said, "Because I thought it was funny". After that, he pronounced my real name with a hard emphasis on the "tt".  If you know my last name, you'd figure out fast why "Ray", "Joe", or "Jack" would make for a hilarious first/last name combo.

Even though this guy was either pissed at me, or faking like he was pissed to further mess with me, I like working with the old guy.  I wonder what would happen if I started calling him Cheech? Something tells me he would probably like it.  I don't think Human Resources would like it as much. Hmmm.  Maybe I should just tell the director of HR to donate her knickers to the Boy Scouts--knots and such. Boy, that'd be swell.  Um, where was I? Oh yes, being Ray for a day was fun. The End!

PS. If you think I am bad, I know of someone who took two whole years to tell someone that his name wasn't Steve.

PSS. If you are wondering why this post ended the way it did, well, I'm garsh dern tarred. The End.


Jules said...
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Jules said...

Your little boy scout tangent made me chuckle.

Anytime anyone ever calls me by a different name, I just adopt it as a new nickname for me. Recently I was greeted with a "Hey, Neckline!"

It made me laugh.

Did the whole experience of working as Ray make you want to become an electrician?

The UnMighty said...

That's nothing. My parents called me "Mistake" for years. It was only when I moved out that I told them my real name was Ben.

Nessa Roo said...

That's so funny, and it makes me wonder what your last name is...

I was called Stella by a co-worker for a few years, but he knew my real name. He just liked Stella better. Go figure.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ I only wish that the Boy Scouts had a women's knickers knot untying merit badge. As far as your nickname, you've earned that one! My experience with Rob the Mexican Electrician made me want to keep working with him. I wouldn't mind being an electrician, because I understand that stuff fairly well.

The UnMighty~ The best part about your comment is how I imagine your parents naming you "Mistake", and out of rage, you change your name to Ben. It would make for a good movie pitch.