Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fester: the day after Easter!

Why do I have to go back to work? Why do I need money?? What is that smell coming from the pantry???

These are all questions that plague me, especially on Fester.

By the way, how was your Easter? Mine? Well, I did the Jesus thing and it was fun, because I was running on three hours of sleep. I've been having major anxieties and concerns for some family members lately. How does my mind choose to deal with it? An all night puppet show, featuring worst case scenarios, intrigue, and Hail-Mary style solutions to all life's problems. Who wouldn't want to stay up all night for that?

It wasn't all bad. I did go for a good long hike today. Guess what I saw? I saw an actual rabbit, a cottontail. That sucker was mighty cute and fast. I'll take that sighting as a good omen.


Christielli said...

Rabbis are indeed good omens! Especially if they are the chocolate-bearing kind. ;)

Hope that all of the anxieties/concerns sort themselves out.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I'm a virtuoso of late night puppet shows. You would weep at my mumchancery. A pitiable midnight masquerade, a black bird sings a silent song only under the curtain...n stuff.

I was too quick to take my eggs off the boil, so I have two dozen brightly colored soft boiled eggs that I'll have to throw out while the boys are at school, so they won't feel bad.

Megan said...

I'm working on inventing a brain switch, which will allow people to turn their brains off at night. I feel ya!

Nessa Roo said...

I didn't do the Jesus thing. I didn't do the Egg thing. I didn't even nibble on a chocolate bunny. I did, however, read two beautifully written novels, one of which had an Easter scene in it. So, it's quite obvious to me that I've done as much as could be done from my end.
I'm a little late reading this, so Happy Gaster.

Jules said...

I shall refrain from slipping you my latest news then.
But you can send a prayer my way since you're up all night anyway.

I see rabbits lots around here. But jack rabbits. Do they count?

The smell in your pantry is a rotten green chili pepper that you bought once with good intentions of making kick ass tacos but misplaced it and now it's about to grow legs and walk away. So no need to worry. The smell will leave when it does.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Chocolate is chocolate, even if it comes from a magical bunny's rear end. The anxieties still abound, but I have been instrumental in getting help for my brother. It's a start.

Julie K.S., "master of mumchance"~ I have to find a way to manage all the Julies that I come across. Seriously, I've got my oldest sister and then like ten other Julies, either associates, friends, relatives, or acquaintances. It's by far the most common name that I'm associated with.

Megan~ Let me know when the prototype is ready for trials.

Nessa~ I pronounce "Gester" similarly to gestation, because I'm usually awaiting the beautiful moment that I give birth to the Anti-Christ, formed from all the crap I ate during Easter.

Jules~ News me, baby! I am not a fragile being, so don't worry about sharing stuff, if that's what you'd like to do. Jack rabbits are what you get when a mule deer and a bunny rabbit copulate--I don't know why they copped late, but maybe it took awhile before they were bored enough to screw each other. Nature is mysterious, but my love for tacos is not.

Kevin said...

Easter was spent in bed with a romantic contagion called Strep. It was hot times.

The Grunt said...

Kevin~ Is that you, Guggs?

Wayne77 said...

But the real whether that bunny had a pancake on it's head.

The Grunt said...

Wayne77~ Mmmmm...bunnycakes!