Thursday, March 17, 2011

TIGF!!! 009 Sound System, better known as Youtube's gayest and most played tune

Really? I have listen to this shit and watch your crappy video too? The worst is when the damn thing is a slide show of some car that an idiot thinks is cool and then thinks, "You know what people would really like? Gay ass techno music with my gay ass slide show!" I declare TIGF!!!, but in a bad way. It has been awhile since TIGF!!! has been declared as such. I hope you are happy now, Youtube.


The Grunt said...

I bet everyone likes this song and you just hurt their feelings. That is why you don't keep friends for very long, sir.

The Grunt said...

Well, I listen to this song while I do my cardio. I find it very motivating and uplifting, aaaaand every "ing" that is good under the sun, mister!!!

P.S. Will you go out with me?

Christielli said...

LMAO. It always makes me laugh when you comment on your own posts. ;)

Have you seen the youtube atrocity which is Rebecca Black? It's so bad it's awesome.

The Grunt said...

I comment to myself to make me laugh as well as you.

I just watched that Rebecca Black video. She helped clear up my confusion on what comes before and after Friday. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Anonymous said...

First of all this is not a band, its one musician. Second its not techno, it's trance. If you're gonna bash something know what you are bashing. If you don't like it than compose your own song and submit it to YouTube so that users may use it freely.