Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Hiccup Man

Although he may not exist in real life, the world needs him: The Hiccup Man. His hiccups never cease. He uses his super-megaphone to broadcast his message in major metropolises around the world. "HIC! HIC! HICCUP!! HI-COUGH!!! THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH! HICCURP!!!!!!!!"

Oh, you probably thought that he'd cure your hiccups or something like that. Yeah, that would be cool too. I guess he could just sneak up on people and scare the shit out of them and have a ready supply of paper bags. It makes sense that he cannot be cured of his hiccups because he must have some sort of tragedy that caused him to be the way he is. I think it had something to do with a warm Dr. Pepper and witnessing the murder of his parents.

Yeah, something like that.


rawbean said...

Whoah, this post is hard-core.

vera said...

warm dr. pepper tastes like robitussin... om nom nom...

<3 v

Christielli said...

The hiccup man reminds of that dude on the Simpsons who had the hiccups for a long time and would say "kill me" in between hiccups.

The Grunt said...

Rawbean~ Hardcore? You should read my earlier stuff. I kind of suck now.

Vera~ Mix some Tuss with the Dr. and you get what I call "Dr. Robot".

Christielli~ Ha! I almost forgot about that poor guy.