Friday, January 13, 2006

Stereotype Fulfilled

My neighbor got hit by a woman driving an SUV, who was speeding and ran a stop sign. My neighbor and his son only had minor injuries, but the lady in the SUV didn't get a scratch. My neighbor recalls the conversation between the officer on the scene and the lady:

Officer: "You know that there's a stop sign there. You ran that, plus you were speeding."

Lady: "Well where I'm from (same state) we don't have stop signs like that."

Officer: "What, big red ones that have the word 'STOP' printed on it?"

Lady: "Well I couldn't see the stop sign."

Officer: "Mam, there were two warning signs prior to the intersection. I guess you don't have those where you come from, either?"

Lady: "*"

Officer: "I'm going to issue you a citation for speeding and running a stop sign....."

Lady: "What--why?"

I'm just curious, how many of you out there don't know what a stop sign looks like? BTW, most of the women that I know are good drivers, so please don't kill the messenger.


rjw said...

I particularly like that "Well, where I'm from...." angle. It's impossible for some people ever to accept they are in the wrong, no matter how overwhelming the evidence. It is not part of their world view.
I sometimes wonder if it ever occurs to such people, in a rare moment of clarity, that their permanent default position is that the other guy is wrong. What are the chances of that being the case over the course of a lifetime?
I think I have a problem with these beasts. Their egos frighten me.
As does their driving.

Pokey said...

What an idiot. I love it that "where she comes from..." bullshit. It's beautiful. But as a woman, I hate to say it, but every morning most of the wrecks I see involve women. I hate seeing the women who are putting on make up and talking on the phone while driving...I am sorry but that makes me nervous!

The Grunt said...

Yesterday, I saw a dude in his big diesel pickup pulling a fifth-wheel trailer, with one hand holding a cell phone and the other holding a cigarette. He was driving with his knees!

You either call that guy talented or stupid.

Scott said...

Love crazy ass drivers. Makes me feel so safe on the road. When i commuted to work I would regularly see Dudes shaving while drinking coffee and driving. How insanely stupid is that??

Crystal said...

what people will say to defend their senseless actions! you should have punched her repeatedly in the face and when she screamed "stop!" you could tell her that where you come from the word "stop" doesn't mean to quit punching somebody in the face.

The Grunt said...

Welcome to my blog, Crystal. I love your suggestion.

English Professor said...

I think the stereotype that was fulfilled here had to do with SUV drivers, not females.

The Grunt said...

Good point, English Professor. I threw in the female driver disclaimer so as to cover my bases.

Welcome to Grunt Ahoy! I will check out your blog soon.

You don't mind me truncating your name to EP for future reference, do you?

English Professor said...

No, "EP" is fine--that's what most bloggers seem to default to.