Monday, July 01, 2013

Oh Canada!

They say a prophet is never appreciated in his homeland.  Well, I'm no prophet, but there's a lot of people in my homeland that don't particularly think I'm all that.  I sense it may have something to do with my choice of antiperspirant.  Anyway, those of you who can't smell what I'm cooking have got to know me through words.  The great thing about words is that you can say whatever crazy shit you want, not that I do that. 

Well, the point of this post is to honour (eh, check out the spelling ya hosers) my Canadian friends on Canada Day.  My dream to celebrate Canada Day was to have Gordon Lightfoot and Rush do a concert together, Joni Mitchell jumping out of a cake at the climax, with Neil Young standing on the side of the stage scowling in disapproval.  This is my case for why I should win the PCH superprize, so I can make stuff like this happen.

I think I lost the post there.  Okay, my point was that Canadians seem to like me.  You know what? I don't just like my Canadians, I loves them!  So here's to all of you Canadians that keep me in business.  What? I don't get paid to blog???  Well, fuck this then.